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AxPo Postdoctoral Fellows 2023

Catarina Leão


Double affiliation: AxPo and CEE

Postdoctoral research project: 

Economic Autocratic Legacies: Socio-Economic Polarization and Democratic Support in Market Societies


My postdoctoral research project, Economic Autocratic Legacies: Socio-Economic Polarization and Democratic Support in Market Societies, aims at continuing to explore how former autocratic legacies in European democracies can shape contemporary democratic views. I am interested in studying whether social provision and economic policy choices by autocratic governments have long-lasting impacts after transitions to democracy, namely, on redistribution preferences, economic policy preferences, and resulting socio-economic polarisation. Additionally, I would also like to study how these legacies – especially when they are related to economic scarcity – can promote a higher propensity for social protest and mobilisation, potentially increasing socio-political polarisation. In order to do so I will use a combination of quantitative, qualitative, and quasi-experimental methods. 

Noam Titelman


Double affiliation: AxPo and CEVIPOF

Postdoctoral research project: 

Political Realignment in Democracy: the Social Identity Link


Is the recent politicization of certain social identities behind mistrust and socio-political polarization in several democracies? Is this affective polarization behind the emergence of populist parties and political leaders opposing migration and international integration? We know from election studies which demographic characteristics best predict vote choice, but we know far less about how citizens perceive their political similarity to one another in terms of these characteristics. Through my research, I aim to study the links between the politicization of social identities, expressed as feelings of political similarities and differences, and the recent emergence of political realignment including the electoral success of populist and far right politicians. I will employ survey experiments designed to measure perceived social and affective similarities and differences, as well as the impact of these perceptions on political behaviour. My research proposal for the post- doctoral position is divided into two areas: Western Europe and Latina America. My study of Western European countries will focus on support for nationalist far right parties. My study of Latin American countries will place emphasis on support for populist politicians.


PhD students in PolEconSoc seminar 

  • Clem Aeppli
  • Lukas Arndt 
  • Alexis Baudour
  • Meryem Bezzaz
  • Jan Boguslawski
  • Salih Bora
  • Jens Carstens
  • Andrés Chiriboga
  • Vanessa Endrejat
  • Zoé Evrard 
  • Arno Lizet
  • Mattia Lupi 
  • Elena Matias Casacuberta
  • Ömer Faruk Metin
  • AndrewMoon
  • Daniel Roberts
  • Alphan Telek
  • Paulus Wagner
  • Andrew Zola

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