Undergraduate Admissions, Evaluation 4: the interview

Last Update: 
1 September 2021

Candidates who have obtained the minimum score required by the admission panel will be invited to the fourth and final stage of the admission process: the interview.

The interview is the fourth evaluation of the admissions procedure and results in a fourth and final mark out of 20. This mark is added to the three other marks awarded for the three stages of the application phase to obtain the final mark out of 80. 

In favouring discussion and dialogue, the interview allows for a real time assessment of the candidate’s motivations and intellectual ambitions for Sciences Po, ability to engage in discussion, and reaction when faced with contradiction and critique. It is designed to ensure that the applicant has the potential to succeed in a programme of study at Sciences Po. The interview also provides an opportunity to check the candidate’s speaking and presentation skills at the end of their time at secondary school.

Interviews are conducted remotely for all French and international applicants, using a specialised digital platform.

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Please note:

  • Interviews are conducted in French for all candidates who have applied through the Parcousup admissions platform, regardless of their selected programme. However, if the candidate is looking to enrol in one or more of the programmes taught in English at the Undergraduate College, the interview panel may ask some questions in English in order to assess the candidate’s linguistic level.
  • Candidates from international secondary school systems will be interviewed in French or in English, depending on the language of the programmes they wish to enrol in at Sciences Po. The command of English and/or French will be tested during the interview.

Please note: failure to attend your interview will result in the rejection of your application.

Procedure for remote interviews

How is the interview evaluated?

The interview panel consists of two examiners, including secondary school teachers and/or members of the academic staff at Sciences Po. Both examiners have a thorough knowledge of Sciences Po’s demands. They award the student a mark out of 20.

In order to guarantee that their evaluation is neutral, the interview examiners are not given access to the candidate’s application, nor to the marks awarded for the previous evaluations of the admissions procedure.

How can I prepare for the interview?

Candidates should be prepared to talk about themselves, their background and their ambitions.
We would encourage you to practice speaking in public with a strict limit.

You can also practice by discussing a variety subjects and images, either that you know well or that you are unfamiliar with, ensuring that you express yourself clearly and honestly and craft well thought-out arguments.

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