Undergraduate Admissions, Evaluation 3: The written pieces

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6 January 2021

The written pieces constitute the third evaluation of the application. They are designed to give a more detailed picture of the candidate: his or her personal background, motivations, intellectual ambitions for Sciences Po, as well as critical thinking and writing skills. The three written exercises are included within your application.

Three writing exercises

The written pieces consist of three exercises, which are evaluated by two separate examiners:

  • A personal statement about the candidate’s personal background, activities and areas of interest.
  • An essay outlining the candidate’s motivations and intellectual ambitions for Sciences Po.
  • An essay on one of five proposed themes. 

Calculation of your mark

At the end of Evaluation 3, each examiner awards the candidate, independently, a mark out of 10. This double assessment of the written pieces is totalled to give a mark out of 20 for the third evaluation of the admissions procedure. Both examiners have an excellent knowledge of the foreign education system and the Sciences Po Undergraduate College.

Please note:

  • Candidates from the French secondary school system must write their written pieces in French, even if they are interested in the Undergraduate College’s programmes in English.
  • Candidates from foreign secondary school systems (applying through the Sciences Po admissions website) have the choice of writing their written pieces in one of two languages: either French or English, depending on the language of the programme(s) they wish to enrol in at Sciences Po.

How Can I Prepare for the Written pieces?

Sciences Po considers each candidate as an individual with a unique combination of talents, interests and passions. Whatever your background, skills or previous experience, your responses to these questions are a chance for you to tell us a bit more about yourself. We are not looking for a particular kind of background and there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. Don’t just try to tell us what we want to hear: instead, write what you want to say, in the way you want to say it.

In order to best prepare for this evaluation, it is very important that your written pieces are honest, sincere and that you prepared them alone, without any outside help. Should this not be the case it could distort the exercise and you may be penalized in your mark.

Texts prepared with the help of a third party are recognisable and may have disciplinary consequences. Candidates will not be monitored while writing their written pieces but anti-plagiarism software may be used during the evaluation process.

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