Reconciling Human with Human Rights

Reconciling Human with Human Rights

Vanessa Topp, a student at PSIA, volunteers to aid refugees

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Rentrée solennelle du Campus de Reims

Rentrée solennelle du campus de Paris

Rentrée solennelle du campus du Havre

Yoga in Education: tips on stress management

Sophie Flak, President of RYE France (Research on Yoga in Education) and lecturer at Sciences Po, has incorporated yoga breaks into her communication classes. In this video, she gives students tips to manage and help reduce stress, recenter focus, and aid concentration - tools that can be applied in academia as well as in the professional or personal realms.

Risk, Innovation, Failure and Futurity

What will the future bring? As individuals, families, scholars, citizens, cultures, societies, economic entities and political nations, we have long asked this question. But today we are seeing a new burst in the academic study of futurity, i.e. the research of the future, scenarios and predictions. How come?