A Technocentric Metropolis

A Technocentric Metropolis

Field study at the Southwest University of Political Science & Law in Chongqing, China

Welcome to Congqing


Rencontre exceptionnelle avec Carlos Alvarado, président de la République du Costa Rica

The Future of Economic Multilateralism

Free Speech? Journalism in the 20th century

Our Regional Campuses Open Their Doors

Are you a high school student hoping to apply to Sciences Po? Teaching, programmes, campus life: come and ask us all your questions at one of the Open House Days on our six regional campuses. A unique opportunity to meet the students, lecturers, and course leaders of the Sciences Po Undergraduate College.

Live Q&A Sessions on our Master's Programmes

This November and December, the Sciences Po undergraduate college and seven graduate schools will run a series of live Q&A sessions. Tune in live to meet current Sciences Po students and graduate school deans and ask any questions you may have about admissions, education, financial aid, career prospects, life in Paris and more!

Introducing Sciences Po’s New Researchers

With the arrival of 18 new academics this year, Sciences Po proves its status as a highly attractive global centre for research. As well as contributing to the university’s network and research output, these new additions to the faculty will play a vital role in the education of students, introducing them to the latest developments in the humanities and social sciences. Scroll through to learn more about their research interests and backgrounds or download the pdf (4.84Mb).

How "sanctuary cities" in the US stand up to Federal immigration enforcement

Targeted during President Trump’s presidential campaign and directly threatened in his ensuing executive order in January 2017, the topic of sanctuary cities has resurfaced to the forefront of political debate in the past year. Although there is not one single definition of what it means to be a sanctuary city, sanctuary cities are generally characterised by a general declaration of support by a city’s leaders for its residents, and in particular undocumented residents. More ambitious sanctuary policies seek to limit how local law enforcement agencies cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.