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Main basse sur Israël : Netanyahou et la fin du rêve sioniste

Risque, prévention, préparation, aléa, urgence, crise : les temporalités du danger

The "gilets jaunes" movement is not a Facebook revolution

In less than a month, France’s gilets jaunes (yellow vests) have gone from being a celebrated example of Facebook’s ability to power a spontaneous revolution to a cautionary tale of how social networks can be manipulated by outsiders to provoke outrage and sow dissension. But in both of these extreme scenarios, the central actors lie outside France, whether it’s the platforms based in Silicon Valley or the suspected propagandists in Russia.

Robots will never replace journalists

Artificial intelligence was the keyword at this year’s New Practices in Journalism conference. Lisa Gibbs, AI Newsroom Lead at the Associated Press, answered our questions on the promise and the risks linked to robot journalism. For Gibbs, artificial intelligence should be welcomed as a means for journalists to bypass routine daily tasks, affording them more time to focus on the mission of their field: informing the world. Watch the video.

Live Q&A Sessions on our Master's Programmes

This November and December, the Sciences Po undergraduate college and seven graduate schools will run a series of live Q&A sessions. Tune in live to meet current Sciences Po students and graduate school deans and ask any questions you may have about admissions, education, financial aid, career prospects, life in Paris and more!

Animal Rights: slow but definite progress

To mark International Animal Rights Day 2018, we take a look back over an interview with Regis Bismuth, professor at the Sciences Po Law School and co-editor of Sensibilité animale. Perspectives juridiques (CNRS Editions)* for an overview of advances in animal rights.