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Jacques Semelin on his book "The Survival of the Jews in France"

Internationally recognised for his work on genocide and more generally mass violence, Jacques Semelin, Senior Researcher Emeritus at the Centre for International Research (CNRS), has published The Survival of the Jews in France, 1940-1944, (translated by Cynthia Schoch and Nathasha Lehrer, London, Hurst, and New York, Oxford University Press). In his book he shares the results of his pioneering study into how 75% of Jews in France survived despite the Nazi Occupation in the Second World War. 

Green China: A Quixotic Vision

Despite an overarching negativity where China and the environment are concerned, it is set to become the leading power in the green economy. However, it is the political elective which must make the policies to make China’s future green. As a one-party-state there is very little green opposition should environmental reforms not be put into practice.