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Animal Rights: slow but definite progress

The need to limit or end animal suffering has become a major topic of public debate. Scientific experiments, bullfighting and foie gras have all come under insistent criticism. Videos denouncing the conditions in which animals are made to live and die are widely circulated. Veganism, which still had an extremely limited following a few years ago, is gaining in popularity. So what is the law contributing to this environment? We asked Regis Bismuth, professor at the Sciences Po Law School and co-editor of Sensibilité animale. Perspectives juridiques (CNRS Editions)* for an overview of advances in animal rights.

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Congratulations Class of 2018!

The President of the Republic of Estonia, the former President of the Human Rights League, the founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, the President of Publicis France, and most of all, passionate graduates with bright futures ahead -- the Graduation Ceremonies of 2018 were two extraordinary days of inspiration, celebration and pride. See the highlights in the video above.

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My Coral Garden: a start-up made in Sciences Po aims to save the oceans

27% of the world's coral reefs have disappeared in the last 50 years, and 32% are threatened with extinction, according to a recent NASA study. Yet corals are the lungs of our planet, guarantors of the balance of the Earth's ecosystem and the survival of 60 million people around the globe. My Coral Garden, a startup co-founded by Anne-Sophie Roux, recent graduate of the Sciences Po Doctoral School, is the first social enterprise that allows you to plant coral to rebuild these endangered reefs, mitigate climate change and support coastal communities that rely on marine life. We spoke with co-founder Anne-Sophie Roux who explained the project.