Take your expertise to the next level

Take your expertise to the next level

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Take your expertise to the next level

Sciences Po offers one-year Master’s programmes for young graduates and early- to mid-career professionals who want to fast-track their career. Each of these six intensive programmes is taught in English on the Sciences Po campus in Paris.

“Punitive action is not the only response”

Should we decriminalise cannabis? Or legalise it? Or, as in one option discussed by the French government, make its use punishable only by a fine? Two members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Michel Kazatchkine, former director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, and Ruth Dreifuss, former president of the Swiss Confederation, came to speak at Sciences Po at a debate with Henri Bergeron, director of the Sciences Po Centre for the Sociology of Organisations, and Didier Jayle, professor of addiction studies at CNAM.

Diplomacy, or the art to adjusting to reality

Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy to Syria, came to speak at Sciences Po on the delicate art of negotiation in wartime, an art that requires patience, creativity and faith in peace. De Mistura discussed the case of Syria and gave advice on conflict resolution.