“The Middle East is a region that Americans tend to misjudge”

“The Middle East is a region that Americans tend to misjudge”

Meet Rosalyn Jeffries, a student in the Sciences Po-UC Berkeley programme

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10 measures to advance gender equality at university

In 2010, Sciences Po created PRESAGE, a gender studies and research programme. This trailblazing initiative now forms part of a comprehensive gender equality action plan. The pioneering nature of this commitment was recognised by the UN Women HeForShe programme, which named Sciences Po President Frédéric Mion as one of 10 university IMPACT champions for gender equality worldwide.…

What Bachelor’s graduates take away from their studies at Sciences Po

On 6 September, students celebrated their graduation from the Sciences Po Undergraduate College. They all spent two years at one of the seven Sciences Po campuses in France, and one year abroad studying at a partner university. Those enrolled in a dual Bachelor’s degree programme spent two years in France then two years at the partner university abroad.

Happy Birthday Le Havre Campus

On 2 September 2017, current students, alumni, faculty and members of Sciences Po staff came together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Sciences Po campus in Le Havre. In the video, students and alumni talk about life on the campus, present and past.

“When I arrived at Sciences Po, i was left-wing”

“I was eighteen years old, I was just starting at Sciences Po and I was left-wing because, given what I was and what I was reading, I didn’t see how I could have been otherwise*.” The year is 1989. Édouard Philippe had “only just” passed the Sciences Po entrance exam after a year of literary classe préparatoire. It was the start of three “dream years” for him on the university’s Paris campus.