"Feminism is a revolutionary struggle"

On 1 October 2015, the gender equality bus made a stop at Sciences Po.

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Francesca Artioli, a recent PhD graduate from Sciences Po, talked to us about her dissertation, which concerns the departure of armies from several European cities. Francesca will continue her research into public policy and cities through OxPo, a research partnership between Sciences Po and Oxford established over ten years ago.

Who hasn’t grumbled about red tape? Yet while complaining about bureaucracy is easy, understanding its processes, remits and many facets is less so. From the observation that bureaucratization is a continuous process, Béatrice Hibou, CNRS senior researcher and political economy specialist at CERI Sciences Po, questions the logic behind this development and its political signification. What is bureaucratization? Why and how does it interfere in every aspect of our lives? Can we resist?

Robert Badinter à Sciences Po
« The death penalty encapsulates all the poisons of society »

Former Justice Minister Robert Badinter, 31 August 2015 at Sciences Po