“My course aims to shed light on the hidden side of the Internet”

“My course aims to shed light on the hidden side of the Internet”

Details on Fabrice Epelboin's Digital Workshop course

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Five key figures on the Welcome Refugees programme

Since March 2016, Sciences Po has been taking an annual cohort of asylum-seeking or refugee students. Originally a student-led initiative, Welcome Refugees has now become a fully-fledged programme in partnership with the NGO Wintegreat. Sciences Po will be welcoming its third cohort this fall—an opportunity to take stock of the programme's progress with five key figures.

The Paris Agreement: what can we expect from the US?

On June 13th, the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) welcomed Sue Biniaz, adjunct professor at Columbia Law School and the US State Department’s former lead climate attorney, to Sciences Po. Having played a key role in international climate negotiations, such as COP21 and the Paris Agreement, she delivered her analysis on what we can expect today from the US following the announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Redefining the Field of History

How does one tell the history of any given country or actor?  What role should social processes have in the discussion and analysis of international relations and politics? What is the significance of collaboration among historians?
Watch Professor Gienow-Hecht discuss the recent controversy and debate among historians as well as current developments and innovations in the field. 


Between May 31st and June 4th, 600 students from around the world gathered at Sciences Po to rethink international relations by taking part in the Paris International Model United Nations (PIMUN) conference. This event, which takes place in Paris each year, was founded in 2011 by students from several universities including Sciences Po, HEC and the Sorbonne.

How Master in Advanced Global Studies students make the most of their professor

"It's interesting and stimulating for me, I hope it is for them too!" Lakhdar Brahimi, diplomat, former UN special envoy and iconic figure of international relations, is also a professor at the Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA). This year, the eminent professor agreed to take part in a slightly unusual exercise: to reverse the preparation for his Master in Advanced Global Studies course, letting the students structure it for him. They studied his career and his missions and submitted their questions to Mr. Brahimi before the course began.…