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Bruno Latour elected to British Academy

Emeritus Professor at Sciences Po, Bruno Latour has been elected to the British Academy for the humanities and social sciences. Specialist of sociology and the philosophy of sciences, he has developed an analysis of our societies through the prism of anthropology of modernity. As Vice-President of Research at Sciences Po from 2008 to 2012, he impulsed new directions, in particular by creating the medialab, a unique unit of digital analysis of societies.

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Animal Rights: slow but definite progress

The need to end animal suffering has become a major topic of public debate. Scientific experiments, bullfighting and foie gras have all come under insistent criticism. Videos denouncing the conditions in which animals are made to live and die are widely circulated. Veganism, which still had an extremely limited following a few years ago, is gaining in popularity. So what is the law contributing to this environment? We asked Regis Bismuth, professor at the Sciences Po Law School and co-editor of Sensibilité animale. Perspectives juridiques (CNRS Editions)* for an overview of advances in animal rights.

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