The Women Who Made Sciences Po

The Women Who Made Sciences Po

In honour of Women’s History Month, we remember the road to gender balance at Sciences Po in this article by historian Marie Scot

The road to gender diversity


Blockchain et nouvelles technologies : un nouvel espoir contre le chômage ?

Expérimentations organisationnelles innovantes du système de santé

Legal Challenges of the Data Economy

From Sciences Po to the European Parliament

Charlotte Nørlund-Matthiessen did her undergraduate studies on the Dijon campus, which hosts the European specialisation programme with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, before enrolling in the European Affairs Master’s programme at Sciences Po. Since graduating in 2012, she has worked on multiple projects inspired by her drive to build a stronger Europe. Today she works as a Parliamentary Assistant for a French MEP at the European Parliament in Brussels.

From Nairobi to Paris

Sciences Po has just announced a new partnership with Strathmore University, in Nairobi, Kenya, with the creation of a double Bachelor and Master’s degree. Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po, is “very pleased to announce this partnership with an excellent Kenyan university, [and] foresee[s] the possibility of numerous collaborations with Strathmore, for its diversity, vibrancy and global openness.”

“Propaganda is the foundation of liberal democracy”

Persuasion of the masses wasn’t born with the Internet, but digital content and social media mark a revolution in the history of propaganda. Far from having disappeared with the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, today it is more present, more efficient, and more of a danger than ever before for democracy. We interviewed David Colon, historian and instructor at Sciences Po, about his book, Propaganda. The Manipulation of the Masses in the Contemporary World (Propagande. La manipulation de masse dans le monde contemporain. Available in French only.)