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The Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics is a multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to the comparative analysis of European politics and public policy. Created in 2005, it is a joint research unit of CNRS (UMR8239) and Sciences Po.  It brings together about 80 scholars (senior researchers, postdocs, PhD students and research assistants), as well as about thirty associate researchers from France and abroad.  They form a strong team through their shared approach to research and participatory governance.  The Centre’s researchers are affiliated with four departments (political science, sociology, law and history), as well as with the Paris School for International Affairs (PSIA), Urban school and Public Affairs School.

The CEE scientific project combines basic and applied research on four key issues: 1) the transformation of capitalism 2) cities, borders and (im)mobility ; 3)  State and policy State 4) representative democracy under pressure. While engaging in different European networks, the CEE is currently bringing together 26 full-time researchers and professors, 32 PhD students, and a large number of research associates and a large number of research associates and guest researchers. The CEE also regularly hosts leading scholars invited for periods ranging from one month to one year.

Most of the research projects adopt an international and/or comparative approach, and the results are frequently published in international peer-reviewed journals. About 90 scientific events related to the research projects are organized every year, gathering scholars, media and civil society.

The CEE contributes to the structuration of the European Research Space in social and political sciences, especially through the design and management of various programs and partnerships supported by EU institutions like the European Research Council. In 2017, the CEE is hosting 3 ERC projects, one ITN and one Marie-Curie fellow.