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Call for Proposals PLATO – ESR3

PhD Candidate in Post-crisis developments in EU policy-making (PhD network PLATO – ESR3)

The Centre d’études européennes (CEE), Sciences Po, invites applications for a PhD fellowship on ‘Post-crisis developments in EU policy-making, possibly with focus on social issues and welfare state issues’ as part of the PhD network ‘The Post-Crisis Legitimacy of the European Union’ (PLATO).

Applicants should hold a master degree in political science, sociology, mixed methods.

The position is announced for a period of 3 years with no teaching obligations. The starting date for the fellowship is 1 September 2017.



Position available at Sciences Po: Full Professorship in Political Science / Comparative Politics

Job Description

Status: Candidates must have the status of a full professor, or be in an equivalent position at a foreign university at the time of recruitment.

Discipline: Political science/comparative politics

Profile : Major socio-political developments in European countries are a crosscutting theme that is central to the academic identity of the Centre d’études européennes (CEE).


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