Dust to Dust

A World History of Silicosis
  • Noel Counihan, The cough…stone dust, 1947 © Estate of Noel CounihanNoel Counihan, The cough…stone dust, 1947 © Estate of Noel Counihan

There is a renewed interest among historians in occupational diseases, “biopolitics”, political economy and social movements. Yet to date there is no academic book exploring the history of silicosis – a disease whose history raises important issues in all of these areas – from a truly transnational perspective. The existing literature is either entirely national in focus, or else collections of separate national monographs.

AJIM special issue on silicosis

  • American Journal of Industrial MedecineAmerican Journal of Industrial Medecine

We are very pleased to announce the new publication of From silicosis to silica hazards: an experiment in medicine, history and the social sciences, edited by Paul-André Rosental (Sciences Po), Paul Blanc (UCSF) and David Rosner (Columbia University).

Special issue of American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 58, S1

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A new important publication

Paul-André Rosental
December 2016
  • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

Paul-André Rosental wrote the introduction of this authoritative text on occupational lung disorders, built upon the fundamentals, including clinical, epidemiological, and predictive approaches. It discusses interstitial and malignant diseases, airways diseases, and other respiratory issues, such as diving, working at high altitudes, and abnormal sleep conditions. It also covers related long-term conditions, such as asthma and COPD.

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