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22 March 2017
When the Internet sheds light on the transformation of messages
2 September 2017

Sciences Po research delves into the elections

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André Siegfried, Buste, 1910. Source Gallica

Election studies have been a major research topic at Sciences Po for over a century, based on the work of André Siegfried, who began his career at Sciences Po in 1900. His contribution – the definition and analysis of sociological factors affecting voting behavior – remains a key element of electoral studies today. However, the latter’s subjects and methods have continuously evolved, taking into account new factors, developing comparative and international studies, using digital tools, increasing the amount of data, and involving disciplines like economics that had previously barely addressed the topic.

This feature does not aim to present all of our election studies: a thick volume would not suffice to do so! The objective is to present their methods and approaches through some significant examples. Finally, the feature highlights ongoing research in this election year that is expanding daily.



Starter: Electoral sociology: renewed fundamentals