TransNum seminar - Digital transition

Over the past twenty years, digital technologies and practices have led to profound economic, social and political changes, and have significantly challenged and reshaped analyses in the social sciences and humanities. If the digital, its practices, methods, techniques or markets are the subject of specialised research, it is now important to study in a transversal and general way the effects of digital on our societies.
As an interdisciplinary discussion space, the transitions seminar - TransNum - connects Sciences Po's research community working on or with digital technology. Through examples of economic, social, political and legal transformations related to digitization and their historical perspective, the digital transitions seminar feeds reflection on the impact of digital technology in all of Sciences Po's research fields.

Who is the seminar for?

The seminar is aimed primarily at the Sciences Po research community - researchers, engineers, PhD students and post-doctoral students - who works on or with digital and and which are impacted by the digital. It is also open to an external audience.

Who organizes the seminar?

The seminar is based on contributions from the Sciences Po research community. Researchers, engineers, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to participate in the programming and animation of the sessions. It is orchestrated by Dominique Cardon (medialab) and Bruno Palier (LIEPP).

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