Doctoral School

Training in research and through research

The PhD programme is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in teaching and research, as well as international organizations, consulting and business. Sciences Po’s School of Research (previoulsy Doctoral School) offers five programmes:

Five doctoral programmes

The School of Research supports students preparing a PhD thesis in law, economics, history, political science or sociology.  Training is structured around these areas so that students can become real experts in their given discipline and in the specific field of research chosen for their thesis.  

The School of Research offers excellent pedagogical supervision and preparation for entry into the professional world.  PhD students benefit from the support of internationally renowned thesis advisors, and of personalised support within the research centres.
While a majority of graduates pursue scientific careers, the expertise in research and methodology that they acquire give these graduates skills sought by public administration, businesses, international organizations and think tanks.  

International opportunities and joint degrees

PhD students participate in conferences or research visits abroad.  Partnerships with other institutions of higher education also provide many opportunities: the doctoral grant programme with 8 major North American universities, or the doctoral exchange programme with the London School of Economics, Columbia University and the National University of Singapore.

In addition, Sciences Po offers 3 joint PhDs with:  

  • Columbia University in political science;
  • Northwestern University in sociology;
  • The International Max Planck Research School and the University of Cologne in political science and in sociology. 

Focus on career opportunities

61% of Sciences Po’s PhD graduates pursue teaching or research careers: 32% are in higher education, 22% in research and 7% in secondary education and preparatory classes.  39% pursue careers in other sectors: consulting, international organizations and business.

The Doctoral School by the numbers

  • 5 disciplines
  • 400 PhD students
  • 70 theses per year
  • 250 researchers
  • 35% international students

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