Professional support at the School of Public Affairs, a unique and exceptional programme

Professional support at the School of Public Affairs, a unique and exceptional programme

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Since the start, the School of Public Affairs has set up a system dedicated to ensuring and promoting the integration of the students into the job market, with the aim to support them in the construction as well as the implementation of their professional project.

Throughout their studies, and for two years after their graduation, the School of Public Affairs offers its students and young graduates an individualised follow-up as well as various events, specific to each programme. Throughout the year, recruitment breakfasts, job roundtables and professional meetings are scheduled, as well as career immersion events, meetings with alumni and forums. These activities complement those offered by Sciences Po Carrières, which the School of Public Affairs works closely with. 

Since the start of the sanitary crisis, our student support services and resources have been strengthened, in collaboration with employers, in order to respond to students' specific questions and needs.  

A network of career advisors

The School of Public Affairs has created a unique network of career advisors at Sciences Po. These advisors are chosen within a pool of experienced professionals from the public and private sectors who provide concrete guidance to a group of students during their M2 year. They are true mentors, who share their expertise and help students reflect on their career path and prospects during regular meetings. 

The School of Public Affairs, a source of reflection on tomorrow’s careers and demand of new skills

As part of its constant commitment to supporting students, the School has launched a conversation with employers on tomorrow’s workforce and the new skills required in public affairs, in collaboration with Sciences Po Carrières, the Strategy and Development Department and the Sciences Po Institute of Skills and Innovation. 

The goal is to gather ten or so "key witness" organisations, from both the public and private sectors, and to discuss the challenges of tomorrow: future jobs, new skills and innovation within the recruitment process. The results of this discussion will enrich the curriculum offered to students at the School of Public Affairs and enable them to be better prepared for their future jobs. 


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