Careers actions and opportunities

During their studies, the School of Public Affairs assists its students in the development of their professional plans and promotes their professional integration through numerous activities offered throughout the year. These actions allow students, depending on their needs and questions, to meet graduates, recruiters and professionals, to find internships, apprenticeships or a first job, but also to learn about public and private, French, European or international careers.

Students in the early stages of their studies can thus take advantage of multiple resources in order to expand their understanding of one or more sectors, various professions, and various career paths, and thus refine their career plans.

Students in one-year master's programmes also have access to targeted events that meet their specific needs, such as reorientation, specialisation, or taking on new responsibilities.

Access to these activities is open to graduates for two years following their graduation.

Professional integration in a few figures

  • 82% of graduates of the School of Public Affairs decide to begin their professional careers after graduation;
  • 15% are continue their studies (preparation for administrative competitions);
  • 81% are employed less than 6 months after graduation, 40% of them before graduation;
  • 73% are in stable employment.

Source: Sciences Po 2021 survey of 2019 graduates.

Graduates of the School of Public Affairs work in France, Europe, the United States and more than 50 other countries.

  • 35% of graduates work in public administration at the local, regional, national levels and European institutions
  • 65% work in the private sector, either for firms that interact with the public sector (consulting firms, auditing, etc.) or companies in sectors regulated by public authorities, international organisations and civil society organisations (non-governmental organisations, foundations, associations, think tanks, etc.)

A variety of careers

Geographic diversity

  • Graduates of the School of Public Affairs work in France and internationally. They are present in more than 50 countries.
  • 22% work outside France

Sector diversity

  • 33% of graduates join the public sector, in France at the local and national level, but also in Europe, within the European institutions;
  • 59% work in the private sector, in particular with companies that support public decision-makers (consulting firms, auditing firms, etc.) or in companies in regulated sectors;
  • 8% work in international organisations, governmental organisations or civil society (non-governmental organisations, foundations, non-profit organisations, think tanks, etc.).

A diversity of sectors and professions

Careers by sector

Public Administration / Public Sector - Audit / Consulting - Culture - Banking - Finance - Economy - Insurance - International Organizations - NGOs - Associations - Education - Research - Think Tanks - Industries - Energy - Transport - Ecological Transition - Health - Social - Technology - Digital - Data - Communication - Specialised Press - Media - Publishing - CSR - Security and Defense

Job opportunities by profession

Public Sector Consultant, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Energy - Parliamentary Assistant - Public Affairs Officer - Institutional Relations Officer - Hospital Manager - French and European Public Administration Official - Cultural Institution Manager - Central Administration Manager - Development Analyst - Ecological Transition Referent - Safety and Security Officer - Defense Attaché - Economic Analyst - Public Policy Evaluation Officer.

Job opportunities by stream

What graduates say

Discover some of the careers of recent graduates of the School of Public Affairs.

The School of Public Affairs' Career initiatives

More than 100 career events are offered throughout the year and take various forms adapted to the needs and expectations of students.

  • Career News: weekly newsletter offering a selection of information and professional opportunities intended for all the students of the School;
  • Career Breakfasts: presentation sessions organised for students with a recruiter;
  • Professional encounters: presentations from institutions, companies, organisations to students of the School of Public Affairs, its recruitment procedures and career prospects, on-site visits to an organisation (administration, company, institution, etc.) and meetings with its employees;
  • Round-table discussions: conferences and debates on jobs related to a particular sector;
  • The School's community of career advisors: recognised professionals from the public and private sectors who support students throughout their second year of the Master's programme in the reflection and construction of their professional project;
  • Forums: the School participates in events designed to inform and promote the School of Public Affairs' educational project and its career opportunities.

In total, there are more than 1000 professional opportunities a year.

Some of the partner organisations that participate in the School's career initiatives

Direction générale du Trésor (FR) - Capgemini - Ville de Paris (FR) - YCE Partners (FR) - Assemblée nationale - Groupe ADP - CMA CGM - Sopra Steria - Accenture - Schneider Electric - MAIF (FR) - RTE - Microsoft - OECD - Sanofi - L'Oréal - La Poste groupe - SIA Partners - EY - Banque de France Eurosystème - Sénat - United Nations

Graduate Employability Survey

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