Careers actions and opportunities

The School of Public Affairs educates the next generation of policy-shapers committed to serving the common good. The young professionals that emerge are innovative and responsible, efficient and socially engaged. They take on roles that require a panoramic view of public affairs, whether in the public or the private sector, at a local, national, European or international level, and in any of a vast array of fields (public administration, consulting, the economy, security and defence, health, energy and sustainable development, culture, new technologies, digital innovation, the list goes on).

A wide range of careers worldwide

+1 000 internships, apprenticeships and employment offers to our students per year.

Graduates of the School of Public Affairs work in France, Europe, the United States and more than 50 other countries.

  • 35% of graduates work in public administration at the local, regional, national levels and European institutions
  • 65% work in the private sector, either for firms that interact with the public sector (consulting firms, auditing, etc.) or companies in sectors regulated by public authorities, international organisations and civil society organisations (non-governmental organisations, foundations, associations, think tanks, etc.)

Where do our graduates work?

27 %
Public administration
20 %
Audit, Consulting
10 %
9 %
Press, Media, Edition, Communication, Data, Web
7 %
International Organisations, Associations, NGOs
6 %
Banking, Insurance, Finance
6 %
Industry, Energy, Transport
5 %
Éducation, Research, Think Tank

Career actions for our students and employers

+ 100 careers events to our students per year.

  • Career News: weekly news including only professionnal informations and opportunities
  • Career Breakfasts: recruiting session
  • Career Meetings: presentation of companies, institutions, organisations, recruitment process and opportunities
  • Career Inside: on site visit, meet with collaborators, network
  • Job’s Round Table: conference on a professionnal sector
  • Career Advisors Community: professionnals who accompany the students during their last year
  • Fairs: participation to the School to present the academic offer and employability of our students

Some partners

Graduate Employability Survey

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