Community of Careers Advisors

A unique network for our students

The School of Public Affairs has initiated the creation of a community of careers advisors which have a role of mentor by advising the students of master 2 on the building of their career.

Career advisors, with high responsibilities in all sectors, accompany about twenty students each in their research and the follow-up of their internships, participate in the evaluation of their professional experience as a member of the Grand Oral jury, and are involved in the School's actions on the employability of its students.

The members of our network are:

  • Emma Archer, Project Manager Scientific Direction, Institut de l’entreprise, Think Tank  
  • Morgane Augé, Public Affairs Director, Orano
  • Claire Berger-Vachon, Consultant on major cultural issues in the digital age, formerly Head of International Relations at the Cultural Affairs Directorate, Ville de Paris
  • Luc Bouniol-Laffont, Head of the Cultural Department and Director of the Auditorium, Musées d'Orsay et de l’Orangerie
  • Mathilde Bras, Open Policies and Innovation, Etalab, Services du Premier ministre
  • Jennifer Bouaziz, Deputy Director of Innovation, Social Security Directorate, Ministère de la Santé  
  • Louis-Alexis Chenat, General Manager Chenat Conseil, Public Financing Advisor
  • André Confiado, Program Administrator, UN Environment, United Nations
  • Hervé de la Chapelle, Partner, Government & Public Sector leader, EY Consulting
  • Patrick Devaux, Vice President Market Intelligence, Airbus Group
  • Marine Elgrichi, CEO, Mazagan
  • Domitille Fafin, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, L'Oréal France
  • Guillaume Farde, Director of Strategy and Communications, Groupe Risk&Co
  • Nicolas Guerrero, Associate Lawyer, SCP Delamarre et Jéhannin, Council of State and Court of Cassation
  • Myriam Hammami, Human Resources Manager of the operational division and partnerships, AFD
  • Arnaud Lavit d'Hautefort, Associate Management Consulting, YTAE
  • Denis Lépée, General Secretray, LOV Group
  • Fabienne Levilain, Human Resources Manager, Assemblée nationale
  • Patrick Martin-Genier, First Counselor, Tribunal administratif de Paris
  • François Mattens, Director of Public Affairs and Innovation, GICAT
  • Jean-Christophe Ménard, Géneral Director cabinet Ménard, Lawyer European Public Law, Cabinet Ménard
  • Christine Pointereau, General Secretary, DIHAL, Services du Premier ministre
  • Manon Renonciat-Laurent, Professional Coach, Careers and individual transitions, collective intelligence
  • Brigitte Rischard, Director of Career Department, Alumni Sciences Po
  • Nicolas Sfez, Lawyer Public Affairs
  • Pierre Sorbets, Vice President Global Banking, HSBC
  • Benoît Tabaka, Director of Public Affairs and Institutionals Relations, Google France
  • Pierre Verlyck, General Director, POP School
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