The 11 Policy streams of the Masters

Within their Master's degree (Master in European Affairs or Master in Public Policy), students choose a policy stream. The policy streams cover all fields of public policy and include compulsory courses in which students develop their thematic expertise in various disciplines (law, economics, sociology, political science, management, etc.). These courses also allow students to acquire analytical and understanding tools as well as professional skills.

  • Digital, New Technology and Public Policy (in English)
  • Economics and Public Policy (in English)
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainability (in English)
  • Europe in the World (only for the Master in European Affairs, in English)
  • Management and Public Affairs (in English) - Not available from 2023/2024
  • Politics and Public Policy (in English)
  • Social Policy and Social Innovation (in English)
  • Cultural policy and management (in English or in French)
  • Global Health (in French or in English)
  • Security and Defense (in French)
  • Public Administration (in French)

Watch the overview videos of our policy streams.

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