Master in European Affairs: Faculty







  • Gaffard Jean-Luc, Director of the Research Department on innovation and concurrency, OFCE - Sciences Po
  • Gencarelli Bruno, Head of the Sector for International Relations and data Protection, European Commission
  • Gosme Charles, PhD, Law School - Sciences Po
  • Gougou Florent, PhD, CEE - Sciences Po
  • Gozi Sandro, Italian State Secretary For European Affairs at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Granik Anton, Professor, Reims Management School
  • Grossman Emiliano, Research Fellow, CEE - Sciences Po
  • Guigou Élisabeth, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly, PSIA faculty - Sciences Po

H, I, J and K





  • Recchi Ettore, Professor, OSC - Sciences Po
  • Roure Emmanuelle, Administrator, European Commission
  • Rovny Jan, Assistant Professor, Researcher, CEE - Sciences Po
  • Rozenberg Olivier, Associate Professor, CEE - Sciences Po
  • Rupnik Jacques, Research Director, CERI - Sciences Po
  • Russo Eleonora, PhD, Academic advisor for the Master of European Affairs - Sciences Po


  • Saraceno Francesco, Senior economist, Deputy Director OFCE - Sciences Po
  • Sauger Nicolas, Professor, Researcher CEE - Sciences Po
  • Settembri Pierpaolo, Administrator, European Commission
  • Shapochkina Anastasiya, Researcher, EDF R&D
  • Sicard Flora, PhD candidate, Université Panthéon-Assas Paris 2
  • Spence-Réchard James, Honorary Administrator, European Commission and the European Parliament
  • Streho Imola, Associate Professor at Sciences Po Law School, Programme Director of Master European Affairs and CPCE- Sciences Po

T, V, W, X and Z

  • Timbeau Xavier, Senior Economist, Director of the Department of Analysis and Forecast, OFCE - Sciences Po
  • Tomescu-Hatto Odette, Responsible for Climate Change Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
  • Van Rompuy Herman, Honorary President of the European Council, Visiting Professor - Sciences Po
  • Vindel Bruno, Head of Mission, French Development Agency
  • Warin Colombe, Programme Manager, European Commission
  • Wihtol de Wenden Catherine, Director of Research, CERI - Sciences Po
  • Wouters Jan, Professor and Director, Institute of International Law in Leuven
  • Xenoul Lamprini, Lecturer, Université Paris Est
  • Zima Amélie, PhD, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre
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