Europe in the World


The « Europe in the World » policy stream focuses on the study of Europe’s international relations and its role in international affairs to the central changes and challenges in world politics today. This policy stream provides a high-level training in European and international affairs, with practical skills to organize coalitions for change with the key stakeholders and lead european policies in a multi-centered, multi-actor world. 

You will take the common core courses of the Master in European Affairs of the School of Public Affairs, which will enable you to acquire the basis of the European integration project (actors, law, governance, economics, regulation). You will also attend the policy stream courses of the regional concentration «Europe», run by the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), which focuses on the relations between the EU and the rest of the world


This stream is intended for students who wish to join national, european, or international diplomatic services, NGOs, think tanks or to access to the European high civil servants exams. In addition, it is opened to students who want to work for private companies in relation with European affairs. 


Our program provides a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to understand the decision and policy-making processes that are at stake in European and international affairs. The stream will give you: 

  • a comprehensive understanding of European institutional foundation and integration in regards to contemporary constitutional issues.
  • an expertise in european economics, regulation and trade policies to manage political and diplomatic negotiations on a national and international level;
  • a formative insight into immigration and population movements, through a multidisciplinary approach, from public economics to history and sociology, comparative politics and ethics.

 You will also develop practical skills in terms of management and policy-making, by working with academics affiliated with our research centers, as well as prominent practitioners from various backgrounds, from prominent european political actors to high-profile consultants. 

specific courses

EU actors, institutions and law 
EU democracy, politics and governance         
European economic integration 
European regulations
European geopolitics and diplomacy
Europe and America, Africa, Asia and Russia


Master in European Affairs :


Academic advisor: Eleonora Russo

Academic assistant: Marine Schneider

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