Europe in the World

General Objective

The « Europe in the World » policy stream focuses on the study of Europe’s international relations and its role in international affairs to the central changes and challenges in world politics today. This policy stream contributes to the theoretical and political debates on European and international affairs, and the implications of a multi-centered, multi-actor world for contemporary international relations.

With this stream, students follow the common core courses of the Master in European Affairs of the School of Public Affairs acquiring the basis of the European integration project (law, political system, economics) and follow the policy stream courses within the regional concentration «Europe» in the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), focusing on the relations between the EU and the rest of the world.


Master in European Affairs :

Career Opportunities

This stream is directed toward students wishing to join international, european or national diplomatic services, NGOs, or thinkanks. In addition, the stream is opened to students wishing to work for private companies with an emphasis on cooperation and interaction with a multi-layer public sector.

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