Master - Policy stream: Global Health

General objective of the global health stream

The policy stream Global Health focuses on the most important challenges of the sector, ranging from health systems building, strengthening and resilience, to health financing and regulation, technological innovation, people-centred health care and the availability of sufficient human resources for health.

In order to fit with the sector's job market, the programme is based on a comparative approach and offers two different tracks:

  • The French track, entitled Santé (fr.)takes into account the specificities of the French job market (fr);
  • the English track, described below, offers large essential perspectives necessary to evolve within today's dynamic global health policy landscape.

The unique multidisciplinary approach of this policy stream trains students to implement integrative problem solving for complex global and domestic health issues, as well as attain integrative understandings of diseases and conditions that afflict developing and developed countries. 

Students take courses that cover essential areas - health policy, health economics and law, biostatistics and epidemiology, humanitarian affairs, innovation and eHealth – providing a comprehensive understanding of a sector marked by its constantly changing nature.  

Specific courses of the global health stream

  • Health: a Global Perspective
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Global health Law and Regulation
  • Global health Economics
  • Contemporary health issues and challenges
  • Digital Innovation and Solutions in Healthcare Industry
  • Humanitarian Affairs and Global Health

Career Opportunities after the global health stream

Graduates from this policy stream pursue careers in a variety of important positions in the health domain, from hospital sectors, public and private, consulting agencies, health agencies, administrations, industries, or in international organizations specialized in the field of health, as well as other community-based and research/academic institutions across the globe.

Programme of the global health stream

Master in Public Policy - Global Health stream:

Master in European Affairs - Global Health stream:

Scientific advisors of the global health stream

Daniel Benamouzig is director of research at the CNRS and co-director of the LIEPP "Health Policy" Research Group. He is also the deputy director of the AVIESAN Alliance Institute for Public Health, in charge of coordinating major public operators in this area.

His research ranges from public health and economic policy to institutional governance. He studied the history of health economics and transformations in the regulation of the sector. He continues to conduct research in the field of economic sociology and political sociology of healthcare and he is particularly interested in institutional changes and the mobilization of knowledge in this field.

Professor Benoit Vallet acts as a Director General of ARS Hauts-de-France 

He is a university professor and hospital practitioner at the University of Lille. He was elected president of the CME of Lille University Hospital between 2011 and 2013. Appointed Director General for Health at the French Ministry of Health in 2013, he pursued work related to the development of health risk control and health crises and also represented France on the WHO Executive Board from 2015 to 2018. In 2018, he was appointed Senior Advisor to the Court of Auditors before joining the management of the ARS Hauts-de-France during the health crisis of the COVID-19.


Academic advisor: Marion Moreau

Academic assistant: Delphine Schittone

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