Digital, New Technology and Public Policy


In this policy stream, you will learn how to drive the digital and new technology revolution in order to design innovative policy and transform the management of administrations, organizations and societies. This a unique multidisciplinary program aimed to understand the economic, social, legal, political and ethical impact of new technologies (big data, AI…), and to design innovative policy for the social good. This stream will enable you to develop practical skills, anchored in data science and tech innovation, to implement innovative policy and to manage project transformation with key stakeholders in both the public and the private sector (business and start-ups), as well as the civil society.  


Graduates from this policy stream are highly praised to drive and manage the digital transformation of governments and public policies, on a local scale (cities and territories), and national and international levels (domestic and international administrations), as well as in the different regulatory bodies (ex. European commission). Your skills are also highly demanded in the various public services and sectors facing the data revolution today, from e-health to cyber security. Furthermore, graduates pursue their career in the private sector (businesses, tech companies, start-ups, etc.), audit companies working at the interface of the digital transformation of public policy, and in the nonprofit sector, think tanks, NGOs, or other professional organizations.


Specific courses

  • E-government
  • Design of Innovative Public policy with Big data and New technology
  • Management of the digital transformation of governments and public services
  • Management of the digital transformation of Private Organizations and Civil Society
  • Economics and Regulation of New technologies
  • Ethical, Societal and Political challenges of the tech revolutions
  • History of technological revolution and Digital Humanities
  • Introduction to Data sciences and Tech for Public policy (data visualization, AI, machine learning…)


Master in Public Policy:

Master in European Affairs:

Scientific Advisor

Dominique Cardon is professor of Sociology at Sciences Po and Scientific Director of the Medialab. Previously, he was researcher at the Laboratory of Uses (SENSE) of Orange Labs and Associate Professor at the University Paris Est / LATTS. He is also Member of the editorial board of the review Réseaux and of the prospective committee of the CNIL. His fields of research are, among others, the governance of Wikipedia, the relationship between expressive practices and social networks on blogs, modesty and shamelessness online, practices of online social networks, the transformation of public space including political engagement and cultural practices and sociability, sociological analysis of web algorithms and big data, transformations of the media.


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