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YLS 2023 - Closing Session

Replay the session and read a summary below.


By Arancha González, Dean, PSIA

The world at crossroads was a topic chosen to mirror today’s events. Each morning we are bombarded by alarming headlines, urging us to change our way of live. We are seeing a setback in what used to be our way of life, or confidence in democracy, our faith in lasting peace, and our human security.

Thus, Dean Arancha González proceeded to enumerate all the lessons brought upon by the different panels of the day. These quotes, as well as the summit taking place, were in fact part of a larger, necessary effort to understand and face the challenges of today, and tomorrow.

“We have learned that the kind of globalization we used to have has changed”. It has change out of necessity, but also out of constraints.

“We need to design the peace that we want to achieve”, and it starts by something as simple as a conversation.

“If we want to protect the oceans, there are two areas that require attention: liabilities, and subsidies.”

“On AI we should not be asking our computer what it can do, we need to tell the computer what it should do” – if we want a positive future with AI, that will serve humanity rather than replace it or endanger it.

“On energy, we’ve learned it’s not enough to think about instruments but it’s also important to accelerate impact”

“Txai has given us a very important message: that we all have responsibilities. That every one of us can do our part, and more importantly, that we are not alone.” And our part we strive for, as students, leaders, and citizens.

Closing remarks also included given thanks to all the people who made the event possible: the NY Times, students & volunteers, the support services at Sciences Po, the PSIA team as well as Mark Maloney, Vice Dean of PSIA.

We all have responsibilities, every one of us can do our part, and more importantly we are not alone.

(c) An article by Mariana Abreu, a student in the Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs.

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