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Bianca Liu, International Development

Bianca Liu Herzog has graduated in International Development, with concentrations in Global Risks and Project Management. She works as an Associate Project Officer for UNESCO's Section for Mobilizing Resources from Multilateral and Private Partners, focusing in particular on UNESCO’s cooperation with the European Union.

How did you secure this role?

I started out at UNESCO as a part-time intern during my last semester at PSIA, in January 2018, and at the end of my 6-month contract I was offered a temporary post in the team I was working in (Executive Office for UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector). I met my current supervisor during one of the meetings I attended last year and we talked about possible opportunities in her team, over coffee. A few months later she got back to me with an offer.

What is your role and main responsibilities?

My role is to provide inputs to enhance policy dialogue and to contribute to reinforcing the cooperation between UNESCO and the EU.

How did your PSIA experience help you with the role?

I felt very lost about what I wanted to do after graduation during my third semester at PSIA, so I decided to divide the semester and do two very different internships: one at the Mission of Brazil to the UN in New York and another at an Executive Search and HR consulting firm in Paris). These experiences helped me have more clarity about what I wanted to do – and especially what I did not want – after graduating from a Master in PSIA. In the end these internships were key in allowing me to accept my first offer at UNESCO, which required a minimum of two years of professional experience.

What advice would you give to others?

n your job search, talk to as many people as you can, even people you don’t know personally but work in areas/companies you can see yourself in – send emails, friend requests on LinkedIn, invite them for coffees or Skype meetings, etc. People are very open to talk about their career paths and, in my experience, potential employers see these advances as a sign of desirable soft-skills they look for in a new member of the team, such as being proactive and communicating effectively.

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