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Shriya, Coordinator of Partnerships at United Nations Capital Development Fund

Shriya Sundaram has graduated in International Development, with concentrations in Global Health and Project Management. She was a recipient of the Eiffel Scholarship awarded by the French Government. Coming from India, she is the Coordinator of Partnerships at United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), in India.

>What is your role and main responsibilities?

Currently, I am working for the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) as a Partnership’s Coordinator. The programme I work for focuses on providing parametric microinsurance to vulnerable populations who are affected by climate disasters in the Pacific Small Island Developing States. My primary responsibilities revolve around resource mobilization, stakeholder engagement and partnership building along with some research.

How did you secure this role?

It was my previous experience in the inclusive finance space that helped me secure a role in a multilateral organization. I applied for the role on the UN online portal and after a round of interviews, secured the same.

What is the most fascinating and/or surprising aspect of your role?

My current role has not only given me an opportunity to explore a geography outside my home country but also see how inclusive finance can help in adapting to climate change.

How did your PSIA experience help you with the role?

My journey in this sector (inclusive finance) started with the mandatory internship component that I had to do during my Masters programme. I did my internship (and continued working full time after my Masters) with a consultancy that focused specifically on inclusive finance which helped me gain an initial understanding of this space which, admittedly, I had never initially considered prior to my Masters.

What advice would you give to others? 

Keep an open mind and dip your fingers into what you think is not doable or inconvenient to go that step further. Networking and learning from peers/colleagues can also go a long way!

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