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Jessica, 2023 Summa Cum Laude in International Development

Jessica Cohen

Coming from the United States of Amercia, Jessica Cohen has graduated Summa Cum Laude in International Development. 

What skills / strategy helped you to succeed at PSIA?

Being able to connect the knowledge gained in my different PSIA courses and during my undergraduate degree was essential to my success. By viewing my prior academic and professional experiences as complementary, even when the subject matters initially felt distinct, I was able to approach each new challenge with a pre-existing knowledge base. I was also able to strengthen my areas of expertise and consider them from a pluridisciplinary and comparative lens. 

What part of your PSIA experience do you think will be of greatest help in your career?

After completing a mostly theoretical undergraduate degree, I made an effort to take practical courses at PSIA that would help me better understand my different career options and approach professional challenges. My professors did an excellent job sharing their experiences and presenting the advantages and difficulties of various fields and roles. I think that their guidance will continue to be helpful to me as I navigate the professional world.

What advice would you give to current and future PSIA students?

Because the course catalogue at PSIA is very rich and varied, it can be easy to become overwhelmed during course selection. I would encourage current and future PSIA students to strike a balance between testing out new subjects and deepening their knowledge of fields that they are already familiar with. 

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