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Abel, Advanced Global Studies

>A graduate in Advanced Global Studies (Development Practice), Abel Mavura is founder and director of Marvel Act Youth Organisation in Paris, France. 

What is your role and main responsibilities? 

At the moment I regard myself as a Community Leader. Before moving to France I was working with Action Aid Ghana, in west Africa. Furthermore,  I have my own organisation which I formed in Southern Africa as a teenager under the banner of Marvel Act Youth Organisation (MAYO Zimbabwe). Our website is www.mayozim.org and this is a vision I envisaged at a young age to transform and develop the community that brought me up. Today I am happy that I am still sticking to that vision. Even if I am on the other side of the world, I always look back to find ways of making an impact in my community. I am the founder of this organization and I also act as the director.

What is the most fascinating and/or surprising aspect at your role?

The most surprising aspect of my role is that I am now dealing with a diverse group  of people after I had a networking and learning opportunity at PSIA Sciences Po. I never imagined myself working with big organisations,  partnering on initiatives meant to bring about social change in the society. I am glad that I am one of those individuals who got the opportunity to be at this prestigious school ranked second after Havard in International  Affairs and Politics. PSIA helped me in shaping the person I am today.

How did your PSIA experience help you with the role? 

I learnt a lot things which I am now putting into practice, PSIA trains students to be independent, to be able to work with minimum supervision and execute tasks without challenges. There are many people out there who have brilliant ideas, but they don't know how to put them into theoretical framework. My work with my community reminded me that what I was doing is something that can be referenced and studied at school also, that I can learn things at international level and bring the skills down to our communities.

What advice would you give to others? 

My advice to other students is that, when you learn don't learn to get the paper. Instead learn so that you will be able to put what you learnt into practice. If you want to be one of the best leaders today join PSIA today.

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