Valentina Gius, graduated in International Economic Policy

Valentina Gius, graduated in International Economic Policy

Thu, 2021-03-18 11:54
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Graduated in International Economic Policy, Valentina is working as a NextGen Graduate, Strategy & Consutling at 3Shape in Copenhagen. 

What is your role and main responsibilities? 

3Shape is a medical technology company producing 3D scanners and other digital solutions for dentists. I am doing a graduate program, a 2 years journey with three job rotations: 1 year in Strategy & Consulting in Copenhagen, six months abroad and 6 months back in the headquarter in another department.

 At the moment, I am working on an internal high-impact strategic project with the Head of the Transformation Office. Working in an internal consulting unit is to some extent similar to an external consulting firm: the team’s main responsibility is to solve a variety of organizational problems across the value chain and implement the solutions. The unit sustains the core top management in driving of 3Shape’s overall strategy as well as providing decision-support on key topics.

How did you secure this role? 

I heard about the job opening through a friend/colleague of mine and I applied. I responded to the job application online, and I passed three rounds of interviews with classical management consulting cases.

What is the most fascinating and/or surprising aspect at your role? 

I joined an in-house consulting unit because I wanted to understand how companies make strategic decisions. I worked previously on sustainability topics and circular economy, and I often asked myself why most companies were reluctant in developing and implementing sustainability strategies. This job allows me to see the sustainability aspect “from the other side”: understanding the core factors affecting corporate strategic direction is pivotal to support the business world to transition to more sustainable solutions. 

What is the most fascinating and/or surprising aspect at your role? 

In addition to that, it is very interesting seeing how the world of dentistry is changing, due to digitalization. The market is rapidly developing, from a technological, regulatory, and innovational perspective. It is a key moment for 3Shape and the entire industry, therefore the projects of the Strategy and Consulting unit are currently extremely challenging and stimulating.

Finally, I feel very lucky to have project managers and team members investing so much time and energy in my professional development. This pushes me to constantly challenge myself, and learn, in an extremely fun company environment.

How did your PSIA experience help you with the role? 

People: friends and colleagues in Sciences Po have been a true source of inspiration. I was lucky enough to meet so many brilliant people with a great thirst for knowledge and openness to new perspectives. They were the ones motivating and pushing me to think out of the box.

Curiosity: Sciences Po taught me to be curious and inquisitive, to ask (too many) questions, listen and observe.

What advice would you give to others? 

Be curious and open-minded; strive to learn as much as you can, not only by attending classes but by meeting new people, engaging in associations or extracurricular activities, etc.

Especially in these challenging times, don’t hesitate to reach out to your network for job opportunities

For classical consulting case interviews, prepare in advance!


NextGen Graduate, Strategy & Consulting NextGen Graduate, Strategy & Consulting

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