Ana Lucia, 2022 Suma Cum Laude in Environmental Policy

Ana Lucia, 2022 Suma Cum Laude in Environmental Policy

Tue, 2022-07-19 17:51
  • Ana Lucia Londono RamirezAna Lucia Londono Ramirez

Coming from Spain, Ana Lucia Londono Ramirez has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Environmental Policy.

What skills and/or strategy helped you to succeed at PSIA?  

The ability to plan in advance and the conviction that the knowledge and skills I was gaining during my studies at PSIA were going to allow me to dedicate my professional career to something that would have real impact in people’s lives in the future. I acquired a great sense of duty and determination when I realized that all the topics and courses, we were learning about, were part of something bigger. Having in mind this wider picture, this vision of being in the process of preparing myself for the near future, was very powerful and helped to enjoy and give the most of me throughout my studies at PSIA.

What part of your PSIA experience do you think will be of greatest help in your career? 

Having the possibility to adapt our curriculum to our areas of interest allowed me to discover my passion for ocean related topics such a as marine biodiversity, climate change adaptation in coastal and marine ecosystems, or Small Island Developing States. This discovery will be a decisive in my career, as it will be the compass guiding me in my professional development path now and in the future.

What advice would you give to current and future PSIA students? 

I would recommend you enjoy these years as master students the most you can. Let yourself get amazed by all the knowledge you're gaining, allow yourself to discover what interests you, what you feel most passionate about, and use this experience to start materializing your plans for the future, as the time is now to make your vision a reality.

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