PSIA Pedagogical Committee

The Pedagogical Committee assists the Dean in designing, updating and assuring the quality of PSIA's Master degree programs. With a membership comprising scientific advisors and professors of PSIA as well as student representatives, it regularly reviews PSIA courses and recommends changes to individual courses or the offer overall as needed.

Its full composition is as follows:

  • Enrico LETTA
    Dean of PSIA
  • Mark MALONEY
    Vice Dean of PSIA

Scientific Advisors for Master Programs:

Other Scientific Advisors:

  • Philippe HAYEZ
    French senior civil service and was until 2006 Deputy Director for Collection & Analysis at the French External Intelligence Agency (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure)
  • Dominique KEROUEDAN
    Independent Expert in International Health
  • Jérôme SGARD
    Professor of Political Economy at Sciences Po

Student Delegates:

  • Master 1
    Rose VENNIN
    Master program: International Public Management
  • Master 2
    Damaris GANGEAN
    Master Program: International Economic Policy
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