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Common Core Curriculum

The Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum courses are an integral part of Sciences Po's educational project. As fundamental courses, they are divided into three units: philosophy, epistemology and transdisciplinary courses.

The Master-level common core curriculum is designed to impart knowledge and skills which will enable future graduates to confront nowadays changing world and to become themselves forces of change. Common Core courses are meant to enrich significantly each master program, offering thematic courses, in the Sciences Po tradition of general studies. These courses draw on intellectual tools from across the entire social science spectrum, bringing them to bear on crucial issues raised by contemporary societies.

These classes provide a unique opportunity for Science Po students from different programs to mingle, and contribute to giving our students a cohesive identity and sense of community.

All students enrolled in a Sciences Po Master Programme must choose two "common core" courses during their Master. Successful completion of these courses is required to obtain the degree. No waivers are possible.

The Common Core course offering.

Quantitative Skills 

Additionally, as a PSIA requirement, students must take one skills course in quantitative methods, either in Semester 1 or in Semester 2. Students in the Master in International Economic Policy fulfil their PSIA skills course requirement via the "Applied Econometrics with Stata" module in the fall semester and are thus not required to take a separate Skills course.

Please note that students may obtain a waiver for the skills course upon presentation of the appropriate justifications (transcripts, syllabi and letter of motivation) before course registration to their academic advisor who makes the final decision. As a consequence, students will attempt 4 fewer credits overall during their program. The academic advisor’s decision depends on the number of courses taken in the past and the grades and credits granted for these courses. Please check the Maquette pédagogique of your Master program in case of specific requirements for the Skills course.

Students who have been granted a waiver for the Skills course must take and validate an additional course in the “Special features” curriculum in order to attempt and get 4 additional credits. Students have to make sure, as well, that they attain the minimum of 30 ECTS (validated) per semester.

All Skill course waiver requests must be submitted to your respective Academic Advisors by December 2nd.

Course Waiver Requests Q & A

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