PSIA offers the opportunity to complete the second year of our master's program by combining work and study. The apprenticeship program will be launched by Fall 2023.

All students under the age of 30 and with a proficiency in French of C1 level at least, whatever their nationality, are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship. 


The apprenticeship offers several advantages: 

  • Students develop employability skills and acquire a professional experience whilst completing their studies without any delay. 
  • Students receive the support of a mentor (“maître de stage”) within the host organisation, and a PSIA alumni tutor (“tuteur pédagogique”), who will liaise between Sciences Po and the host organisation.
  • It brings concrete financial benefit: tuition fees are paid by the host organisation and students receive a modest salary.
  • For students who plan to prepare for the prepa-concours French examinations, the experience provides a good understanding of how the administration system works, its strengths as well as its constraints, which students can put to good use during the competitive examinations.


Students spends 3 days in the workplace (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday) followed by 2 days of classes at Sciences Po (Thursday-Friday), with a total of 35 hours per week, for a full year. 

Students do not benefit from university breaks. Students continue to work at the host organisation. However, the trainee status gives students at least 2.5 days of paid vacations per month, as well as 5 “revision days” per year. 

An apprenticeship contract can start between June 1st and mid-September and ends at the end of August of the following year.


Apprenticeship students benefit from a curriculum which is adapted to their particular program and schedule.  

Degree structure for the Apprenticeship option:

Download the Program structure (PDF, 59 Kb).


Students are responsible to conduct their apprenticeship search, but have many resources at their disposal to help. 

First-year Master students are invited to declare their interest for the apprenticeship programme by the end of the first semester to their academic advisor.


Students will find useful information on the status of the apprentice on the websites of Formasup Paris and of Ministère du Travail.

All first-year Master’s students are invited to an information session where full details about the Apprenticeship scheme will be provided (and questions answered) during the first semester.

Students can also reach out to their academic advisor.

Upon approval of Formasup Paris IDF

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