Thomas Fraise

Nom Prénom: 
Fraise Thomas

Since October 1, Thomas Fraise has been a PhD candidate within Nuclear Knowledges at CERI within the ERC-funded project NUCLEAR. He graduated from the Université d’Auvergne in law and in international relations from Sciences Po. His dissertation project under the supervision of Benoit Pélopidas (Nuclear Knowledges, Sciences Po) and Didier Bigo (King’s College/Sciences Po) focuses on a comparative analysis of nuclear knowledges governance regimes in democracies. More specifically, he investigates the impact of nuclear weapons programs on the governance of national security knowledge. This is intended as a contribution to the broader discussion about the extent, meaning and effect of the nuclear revolution.He previously was a research assistant to Jacques Semelin (CERI, Sciences Po), and is also interested in the study of wartime violence and mass violence.

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