Scientific Advisory Board

I am proud to be advised by a board of international and interdisciplinary academics who abide to the highest scholarly standards, have received widespread recognition for their contribution to knowledge and embody a sense of scholarly responsibility serving a better informed public debate about nuclear issues.

(Alphabetical Order)

Professor Li Bin (Physics, Carnegie/Tsinghua Center, China)

Professor Miguel Centeno (Sociology, Princeton, USA) 

Dr Christophe Carle (France), former Deputy director of UNIDIR and special advisor of the Director General of the IAEA, (Ph.D. Cambridge, UK); multilateral negotiations on arms control and disarmament

Dr Lynn Eden; (Sociology of organizations, Stanford, USA)

Associate Professor Denise Garcia (Political Science, Northeastern University, USA) 

Professor Gabrielle Hecht (Stanton Professor of nuclear security and professor of history, Stanford University, USA)

Professor Martin Hellman (Electrical ingeneering and cybersecurity, Stanford University, USA) 

2015 Turing award 

Professor Thomas Jonter (International Relations, Sweden)

Professor Harald Mueller (Political Science, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany) 

Professor Theodore A. Postol (Science, Technology and National Security, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, MIT, Emeritus), 1990 Leo Szilard Award from the American Physical Association and 2016 Richard L. Garwin Award

Professor William Walker (International Relations, University of Saint Andrews, UK, Emeritus)  

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