Hassan Elbahtimy

Nom Prénom: 
Elbahtimy Hassan

Hassan Elbahtimy is an affiliated researcher to the Nuclear Knowledges program at CERI (Sciences Po). The focus of Elbahtimy's work in affiliation with the overall project of the Chair of Excellence in Security Studies is a project on Egyptian nuclear history, as well as nuclear vulnerability and leadership style.
Dr Elbahtimy is a Teaching Fellow in Science and Security at King's College London, and was awarded a PhD from the War Studies Department in 2013, which focused on the historical origins of Egypt's nuclear policy between 1955 - 1968. In 2014, Dr Elbahtimy ran a collaborative research and training project with Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK (AWE) and Norwegian Institute of Energy Technology. Dr Elbahtimy has also worked as a senior researcher at VERTIC, with a focus on nuclear verification on IAEA safeguards and nuclear disarmament. Before that, Dr Elbahtimy has worked at the Multilateral Department in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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