Transitions between public and private school

Research team:

Denis Fougère (OCS and LIEPP) 
Olivier Monso (DEPP)
Maxime Tô (UCL)

This project studies the transitions between public and private schools in France. It uses panel data from the DEPP: 1997 panel for elementary school students and 1995 panel for secondary school students. The study has three components:

  • A description of private and public schools features and of their students’ characteristics;
  • A description of the students’ career (repetition of a year, residential mobility…);
  • An analysis of the gap in the students’ results in first grade, third grade, sixth grade and ninth grade, taking into account the academic results they had obtained previously.



Denis FOUGERE, Olivier MONSO, Maxime TÔ, Audrey RAIN, Qui choisit l'école privée, et pour quels résultats scolaires ?Éducation & Formations, décembre 2017

In the Media: 

Café pédagogique December 18th, 2017 reports on the Denis Fougère's article published in Éducation & Formations : "Qui choisit le privé et pour quels résultats scolaires ?"  

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