Loïc Azoulai

Loïc Azoulai is a Professor of European Law at Sciences Po Law School.

He holds the Excellence Chair of Sorbonne Paris Cité on Forms of Life and Legal Integration in Europe. He is the principal investigator of the FOLIE Research Group.

Before joining Sciences Po in September 2010, he held the chair of European Law at the European University Institute. He served as co-director of the Academy of European Law and of the Centre for Judicial Cooperation, both hosted at the European University Institute from 2010 to 2015. From 2003 to 2006, he was a legal secretary at the European Court of Justice, where he worked with Advocate General Poiares Maduro.

He is a Board member of different law journals among which Common Market Law Review and Revue trimestrielle de droit européen.

Key Publications (in English and French)

Edited Books

  •  (in English) With S. Barbou des Places & E. Pataut  Persons and Personhood in EU Law (Hart publishing, 2016)
  • (in English) The Question of Competence in the European Union (Oxford University Press, 2014)
  • (in English) With K. de Vries, EU Migration Law. Legal Complexities and Political Rationales (Oxford University Press, 2014)
  • (in English) With M. Poiares Maduro, The Past and Future of EU Law. The Classics of EU Law Revisited on the 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty (Hart Publishing, 2010)
  • (in French) L'entrave dans le droit du Marché intérieur (Bruylant, 2011)

 Book Contributions and Articles

  • (in French) Solitude, désœuvrement, conscience critique. Les ressorts d'une recomposition des études juridiques européennes, 4 Politique européenne n° 50 (2015)
  • (in English) The Complex Weave of Harmonisation in A. Arnull and D. Chalmers (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of European Union Law (Oxford University Press, 2015)
  • (in French) Appartenir à l'Union européenne. Liens institutionnels et relations de confiance entre Etats membres de l'Union in Liber Amicorum en l'honneur de Vlad Constantinesco (Bruylant 2015)
  • (in English) The (Mis)Construction of the European Individual. Two Essays on Union Citizenship Law, EUI Working Paper LAW 2014/14
  • (in English) The Many Visions of Europe. Insights from the Reasoning of the European Court of Justice in External Relations Law in M. Cremona and A. Thies (eds.), The European Court of Justice and External Relations Law. Constitutional Challenges (Hart Publishing, 2014)
  • (in English) The ECJ and the duty to respect sensitive national interests in M. Dawson, B. De Witte, E. Muir (eds.), Judicial Activism at the European Court of Justice (E. Elgar, Cheltenham, 2013)
  • (in French) Sur un sens de la distinction public/privé dans le droit de l'Union européenne, Revue trimestrielle de droit européen (octobre-décembre 2010)
  • (in French) La fabrication de la jurisprudence communautaire in P. Mbongo & A. Vauchez (eds.), La fabrique du droit européen (Bruylant, 2009)
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