Imola Streho

Imola Streho is an Associate Professor at Sciences Po Law School and an Associate Researcher at Sciences Po’s Center of European Studies where she is the Program Director of the Master in European Affairs. 

Her works focus on trade in services in the EU and in particular the evolution of the European legal framework in the freedom of service provision. She is part of the ASEAN Integration Through Law research project at the Center for International Law of the National University of Singapore, working on a comparative study of the liberalization of services in regional and multilateral organization frameworks. She is preparing a book on the European Court of justice – Inside Out. Within the FOLIE project, she conducts research on the ways in which EU law fashions the lives of students. 

Before joining Sciences Po, until 2008, she was a référendaire at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. From 2000 to 2002, she was an Emile Noël Fellow at Harvard Law School and at NYU School of Law where she was founding executive director of the Jean Monnet Center. She holds a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Paris 2 (Panthéon-Assas) and a LLM from the College of Europe.

Imola has taught EU law at the College of Europe, the Central European University of Budapest, the Instituto Empresa Law School in Madrid, the Catolica University Law School in Lisbonne, the National University of Singapore, the University of Melbourne Law School and the Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. At Sciences Po, she teaches at the Law School and at the School of Public affairs.

Key Publications (in English and French)

  • (in English) With D. Néo & P. Sauvé, Services Trade and ASEAN Integration (forthcoming, CUP, 2016)
  • (in French) With C. Blot, O. Rozenberg, F. Saraceno (eds.), Réformer l’Europe, 134 Débats et Politiques, Revue OFCE (2014)
  • (in French) La bonne administration dans l’Union européenne. Vers une culture de service pour les institutions européennes, in C. Blot, O. Rozenberg, F. Saraceno & I. Streho (eds.), 134 Débats et Politiques, Revue OFCE  75 (2014)
  • (in French) With C. Blot, O. Rozenberg, F. Saraceno, Réformer l’Europe? Économistes, juristes et politistes se penchent sur l’avenir de l’Union européenne, 134 Débats et Politiques, Revue OFCE  7 (2014)
  • (in English) Services Trade in the European Union: Internal and External Approaches to Market Opening, in P. Sauvé & A. Shingal (eds.), The Preferential Liberalization of Services Markets: Comparative Regionalism 160 (Elgar, 2014)
  • (in English) How Keck should be taught and possibly understood: in search of the “right” interpretation of article 34 TFEU, RTDE 870 (2014)
  • (in French) Le médiateur européen, in J-B. Auby & J. Dutheil de la Rochère (eds.), Traité de droit administratif européen 285 (Bruylant, 2014)
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