Final presentation "The citizen participation"

Final presentation "The citizen participation"

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The project: "Citizen participation at the scale of large cities, large intercommunalities and metropolises"

Commissioning organisation : France Urbaine

Students : Margaux Barlet, Paul Foyart, Claire Gohet and Arthur Popelin from the Master Regional and Urban Strategy

Work realised

The students carried out a study on citizen participation in intercommunalities and metropolises. This report, realised within the framework of group projects, is the result of the analysis and data collection work carried out by the students throughout the course of the study. It has a dual strategic and operational purpose.

An analytical reflection aimed at elected representatives presents a plea for citizen participation enriched by observations made on the ground. It is structured by six general guidelines formulating strategic recommendations likely to strengthen participatory democracy in large cities, conurbations and metropolises and responding to the common challenges faced by the members of urban France. It concludes with a series of direct recommendations.

The final rendering also serves as a receptacle for the standardised sheets that form the basis of the order. The territory sheets aim to provide a contextualization of the participatory question, while the approach sheets make it possible to learn about the functioning of participatory schemes, their success factors and difficulties. These sheets are intended to be completed in the future in order to provide the most complete operational database possible. As such, a methodological guide is attached to the Annexes in order to propose a reproducibility protocol.

The report stresses the need to clarify the rules of non-regulatory participation, to think about the functioning of the services dedicated to it as having to be transversal, to back up the institutional approaches to existing initiatives in the territory and finally to develop inter-territorial cooperation in the area of citizen participation, particularly within the inter-municipal community.

Read the report (PDF, 704 Ko - FR)

What is a group project?

Called also capstone or workgroup, this highlight of Master's degrees puts the students in professional situation. These have to answer to an order of a private or public structure on an urban or territorial problem (housing environment, planning, economic development, transport, mobility, etc.). 

During 5 to 9 months (according to the course), every team from 4 to 5 students works under the supervision of a tutor, a specialist of the handled question. The project ends in an oral presentation of the students to the commissioning organisation. This period of renditions takes place of the end of May to the middle of June. 

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