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Profile: Garance Breuil, alumna

Garance Breuil

After completing her Bachelor's degree at Sciences Po, which included a third year at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Garance Breuil joined the first cohort of the Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities Master’s programme. She graduated in 2022 and is now a consultant for the Ecorys consulting agency in Rotterdam.

What is your current job?

I’m a consultant at Ecorys, a consulting agency located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I'm in the resilient economies team and work on environmental topics such as renewable energy and the circular economy. I also have projects related to the European Green Deal, the green pact for Europe, which is a set of policy initiatives spearheading the European Union’s path to ecological transition. As a result, I work a lot with clients from the European Commission.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the ecological dimension, as that gives meaning to what I do. I also like the variety of missions – you never get bored. Moreover, the hierarchy in the Netherlands is rather horizontal, which I appreciate.

What has been your career path since graduating?

The summer after graduation, I became very involved as a Youth Ambassador for the Global Alliance of Universities for Climate (GAUC), where I developed a project called “Brace for Impact”, to help citizens prepare for climate crises.

I then moved to the Netherlands - to Amsterdam - and started with a casual job, only to pay for my living, until I found a position in my field. At the same time, I went to the COP27 in Egypt to pursue my commitment to the climate. When I returned, I was hired by Ecorys and moved to Rotterdam.

What did your education at Sciences Po bring you?

Studying at Sciences Po provides insights into a lot of subjects, which is very practical for a consulting position. It also prepares us to find different approaches when studying a subject, and teaches us to question preconceived ideas.

What’s more, I’m delighted to have taken a slightly more focussed Master’s degree on urban and environmental subjects, which gave me more specific expertise. I think the second-year professional workshops are the most helpful in preparing for professional life, and I would have appreciated more of them.