Final presentation "Digital data for urban renewal"

Final presentation "Digital data for urban renewal"

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The Project "Digital data for urban renewal"

Commissioning organisation : Établissement Public Territorial du Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre

Students : Julie Ballarin, Zoé Fournand, Matthieu Le Gall and Simon Mougin from the master Urban and Regional Strategy

Work realised:

This group project has focused on understanding how digital data can address the challenges of urban renewal operations.

The first phase of the project, consisting of a comparative study, highlighted a plural smart city with key data governance issues. The second phase of the project focused on the development of courses of action leading to experiments in the urban renewal districts of the Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre territory. Three themes were chosen: optimization of social housing through data cross-linking; capacity-building mediation through the production of data by the inhabitants; and recommendations for implementation of a community urban management reporting application. The three tracks would revolve around the co-production of a data governance charter. 

Read the final report (PDF, 6 Mo - FR)

What is a group project?

Called also capstone or workgroup, this highlight of Master's degrees puts the students in professional situation. These have to answer to an order of a private or public structure on an urban or territorial problem (housing environment, planning, economic development, transport, mobility, etc.). 

During 5 to 9 months (according to the course), every team from 4 to 5 students works under the supervision of a tutor, a specialist of the handled question. The project ends in an oral presentation of the students to the commissioning organisation. This period of renditions takes place of the end of May to the middle of June.


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