Going on Exchange

Exchanges are possible for students in the Regional and Urban Strategy, Governing the Large Metropolis, Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities and Urban Planning Master's programmes.

When to Go?

You can go on exchange during:

  • The semester off-campus, i.e.:
    • semester 3 for the Urban Planning programme
    • semester 4 for the Regional and Urban Strategy, Governing Ecological Transiitons in European Cities and Governing the Large Metropolis programmes (instead of the internship).
    • semester 3 for the exchange to UCLA for Governing the Large Metropolis students
  • Gap year: you can complete one or two semesters of exchange during a gap year.

Admissions Procedure

  1. Obtain written authorisation from your academic coordinator: you must have written authorisation from the academic coordinator of your Master's programme before submitting your application.
  2. Choose a country and university.
  3. Meet with the International Affairs manager in charge of the region you would like to go to.
  4. Register online between 6 and 10 January 2020 (see attached guide).
  5. You will receive a placement proposal at the start of February 2020.

Students need to see their academic coordinator to discuss their planned exchanged.

Find out more about Master's study abroad.

Deadline for Registration

Applications must be completed and approved on the student portal between 12pm, 6 January 2020, and 4pm, 10 January 2020 (Paris time).

Registration is for the semesters of September-December 2020 and January-June 2021.

You will be notified in early February whether your application has been approved or declined.

Tuition Fees

You must pay the tuition fees for the semester in full to Sciences Po, whether you do your exchange during your gap year or your semester off-campus.

If your exchange is to a European country, you may be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant, regardless of your nationality.

Study Requirements

  • All students must take at least four core courses at the host institution. The number of credits required is the same as at Sciences Po, i.e., 30 ECTS minimum.
  • If you are taking a gap year, the ECTS credits do not count towards your degree programme.
  • For your Final Oral Exam, you will have to define a subject with your academic coordinator related to one of the courses you took on exchange.

Possible Destinations

The Urban School has exchange agreements for two incoming and two outgoing students at a time with each of the following institutions


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