Dual Master's Degree Comparative Urban Governance

The Sciences Po Urban School and the Centro de Estudios Démograficos, Urbanos e Ambientales (CEDUA) at El Colegio de México have joined forces to create a unique graduate programme in Comparative Urban Governance worldwide with a focus on Latin American cities.


By combining Sciences Po’s and El Colegio de México’s top-level education in the area of urban policy, this two-year programme provides a great academic background in urban social analysis, urban economics, urban management and planning policies at the metropolitan scale, in a comparative approach between European, international and Latin American cities

Students complete:


Multidisciplinary and multilingual, the Double Degree in Comparative Urban Governance provides knowledge and skills training the students for a wide array of careers: from leading positions within local and national governments or agencies or NGOs, to urban studies consultancies and international organizations.

The degree combines robust professionalization with a high academic level. The emphasis on the research work also provides a great venue to pursue a PhD

Validation and degree

Students are registered for two full years at both universities, and have access to the students’ services of both Sciences Po and Colmex. Students must validate their course work under the requirements of the university at which they are studying.

  • 60 ECTS credits during the year at Sciences Po
  • 4 courses, one Research Seminar and a Research project dissertation (supervised both by a Sciences Po and a Colmex professor) during the year at Colmex

Students will complete the dual degree in two years and will be awarded a Master’s degree from each institution, provided they validate the two years of study in both universities


Candidates apply directly on the Sciences Po website (online application only). More information on dual degrees procedures.

Applicants are selected on the strength of their applications only. The final admissions decision is made by a jury with members from both universities.


Tuition fees

Students pay their fees:

Find out about the financial aid offered by Sciences Po.


For a spanish presentation of the course, download the brochure (PDF - 332 Ko)

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