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Martha Sasso

Martha Sasso

Innovation project manager at RATP Cap Île-de-France

"My main mission is to define the innovation strategy, to analyse the business needs and to pilot experiments of innovative solutions."

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Raphaël Bonet

Raphaël Bonet

Regional coordinator at SOLIHA Ile-de-France

"Regional coordination in the non-profit sector is a hybrid position that involves a mix of operational monitoring and institutional prospecting, and working with and for organisations that you don’t formally belong to. 

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Chloé Deparis

Chloé Deparis

Project Manager at Sevea

"My role is fundamentally transversal – I work on a variety of subjects and missions ranging from project implementation to market research and business development across each of the four sectors."

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Virginie Vial

Executive Director of the Samoa

"Sometimes small things like that can make a big difference, because the Urban Planning Programme changed everything for me: all of it was interesting and I learned a lot."

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Charles Béna

Charles Béna © CB

Research officer at Groupe Huit

"I like the great diversity of the study areas and the assignments entrusted to me. Each project is an opportunity to discover a country or region and to study its history, geography, culture, institutions and socio-economic dynamics."

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Sye Yuet Loy

Sye Yuet Loy

Policy Implementation Manager at Tiktok

 "The Trust & Safety team uses human and machine-based moderation to remove harmful content. I function as a link between the Policy and Operations team to roll out safety policies".

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Jeanne Varaldi

Jeanne Varaldi © Sciences Po Carrières

Sustainable Development Consultant at Utopies and visual artist

"I think that having a dual activity is really in line with what we are taught at Sciences Po. This echoes the multidisciplinary nature of the learning and the entrepreneurial culture promoted at Sciences Po".

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Marion Laumonier

Marion Laumonier ©ML

Partnership Manager at MiiMOSA

"My daily goal is to democratize the use of crowdfunding in the agriculture and food sector."

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Guillaume Saraf

Guillaume Saraf © GS

Head of Real Estate and Logistics at the University of Lille

"[...] universities are the source of daily commutes. We need to address the issues of flows, student housing, cultural supply and service offerings." 

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Thomas Chailloux

Thomas Chailloux © TC

Policy Officer at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre

"My education was multidisciplinary and versatile, which also helped me a lot, making it possible to switch quickly from one speciality to another".

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