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Overview of the School of Research

The graduate school offers Masters and Ph.D. programmes.

Masters Programmes

The Masters is designed for students who would like to acquire solid training in both core knowledge and methodology, allowing them to conduct research and quantitative and qualitative studies, to analyse and communicate the results, and to work on a team.  Masters graduates may take up posts of responsibility in a wide range of organisations (consulting and advisory firms, associations, public administration, local authorities, governmental and non-governmental international organisations, social organisations, professional sectors, etc.).

Ph.D. Programmes

The Ph.D. is primarily intended for students who would like to pursue careers in teaching and research.  The Masters degree is a prerequisite, with the thesis providing evidence of ability to conduct research.  However, the Masters is just the first step in the Ph.D. programme, which equips students with the core knowledge and methodological tools to pursue in-depth research at the doctoral level.

Beginning in the first year of both the masters and doctoral programmes, a mentor guides students in all of their work, particularly in the development of research papers.

The key objective is to enable students to demonstrate an excellent command of the knowledge and methods in their chosen field.

Accreditation to supervise research (HDR)

Sciences Po’s graduate school also awards accreditations to supervise research (HDR) in economics, history, political science and sociology.

The accreditation to supervise research recognises a candidate’s high level of scholarship, original approach, mastery of research in a sufficiently broad field of science or technology, and the ability to oversee young researchers.  It is key to applying for university faculty positions. 

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At the heart of knowledge creation and dissemination - Pierre François, Dean of the  School 


  • Pierre François,
    Dean of the of the School of Research
    CNRS Research Director at the Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO)
  • Imola Streho,
    Executive Director
    Affiliate Professor, Sciences Po Law school
  • Arnaud Dereggi
    Deputy to the Executive Director
    Academic Advisor