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Short Research Training Courses

Doctoral and masters students from different disciplines are encouraged to meet, to take the opportunity of short research training courses to learn from each other and to broaden their field of research. Inter-semester courses and seminars are offered outside the periods during which compulsory courses generally take place.

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Inter-semester Courses

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Course offering

The intersemester courses can be :

  • Methodological courses intro, intermediate or advanced level (such as courses in econometrics, archival research, in the legal field sequence analysis, legal hermeneutics, analytical methods for lawyer,
  • Disciplinary and/or Specialization courses at either intro or very advanced level (electoral sociology, in the legal field, animal law, critical analysis of law, law and economics, mediation..) These courses expand on, without repeating, courses offered in the College. They serve also as a tool of interdisciplinary dialogue: a student who specializes in one discipline is able to pursue training in another one
  • Professionalization course: the professional integration of PhD students is one of the priorities of the School of Research. Every year, the Sciences Po Research School organizes professionalization seminars as part of the inter-semester courses. PhD students are supported in the implementation of their first teaching in collaboration with the Institute of Skills and Innovation of Sciences Po, each doctoral student also receives training in research ethics and scientific integrity in the different fields, management of data ethics online, ethics and sensitive research fields abroad etc,  in collaboration with the Media Center of the School of Journalism of Sciences po PhD students are trained to understand the functioning of the media and the codes of journalists, to learn fact checking techniques, to train to be interviewed, and manage stress during a live. 

Period of teaching

3 sessions of intensive courses are offered:

  • Autumn (October and November),  Professionalization courses for Phd students
  • Winter (December and January);
  • Spring/Summer (from mid-May to mid-July);


The intersemestre courses are taught by members of Sciences Po’s academic community and might also involve guest professors.


Intersemestre Autumn/Winter 2023-2024

Intersemestre Summer 2023

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Intersemestre Winter 2023

Former courses


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Online seminars

During the whole year we invite the doctoral students to subscribe to the online seminars of France Université Numérique. Discover the online course offer.

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Civica Seminars

CIVICA is the European University of Social Sciences. It is one of the pilot European Universities selected by the European Commission in June 2019 under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The eight CIVICA partners are Bocconi University, Central European University, the European University Institute, the Hertie School, the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Romania, Sciences Po Paris the Stockholm School of Economics, and the London School of Economics.

CIVICA aims to prepare the next generation of global Europeans towards understanding and contributing to an increasingly complex world. Its main goal is to generate awareness and to share beneficial knowledge with academics, policy makers, and practitioners in order to provide constructive solutions to the transnational challenges faced by citizens worldwide.

CIVICA focuses on four domains of research and cooperation: challenges to democracy in the 21st Century; societies in transition and crises of earth; Europe revisited; and data driven technologies for the social sciences.

Through various existing and upcoming joint initiatives and opportunities, CIVICA enables doctoral fellows and researchers to exchange on ongoing research, team up for collaborative projects, and network with colleagues working on similar topics. CIVICA's offers at doctoral level also include an Early Stage Researcher course catalogue, summer schools, and methods and skills workshops.

Visit the CIVICA website : www.civica.eu

Courses and seminars offered by CIVICA's partners

Some of these inter-semester courses and seminars are open to early stage researchers from CIVICA partner universities. Find out more about what doctoral and postdoctoral researchers say about CIVICA courses.


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