Ph.D Programmes

The Ph.D. is primarily intended for students who would like to pursue careers in teaching and research. The Masters degree is a prerequisite, with the thesis providing evidence of ability to conduct research. However, the Masters is just the first step in the Ph.D. programme, which equips students with the core knowledge and methodological tools to pursue in-depth research at the doctoral level.

Beginning in the first year of both the masters and doctoral programmes, a mentor guides students in all of their work, particularly in the development of research papers.

The key objective is to enable students to demonstrate an excellent command of the knowledge and methods in their chosen field.

Our programmes

The School of Research offers three international dual degrees: with Columbia University (political science), Northwestern University (sociology), and International Max Planck School (political science and sociology). Doctoral scholarships and mobility programmes are also offered with prestigious international partners.

Programme structure

Doctoral students benefit from supervision by internationally recognised scholars and from personalised support in Sciences Po’s research centres. We also ensure our students are well prepared to launch their careers.

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Tuition Fees & Financing

For all students admitted to the PhD programme at the “Thesis” level, the annual fee for the 2022/2023 academic year is 380 €, irrespective of tax residency.

In order to make Sciences Po accessible to all and promote academic success, Sciences Po has significantly improved its student support services.

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