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Sciences Po is an international research university, both selective and open onto the world, was ranked 1st in France within the field of social sciences (Times Higher Education, 2018) and 2nd worldwide for Politics and International Studies (QS ranking, 2021).

Sciences Po’s seven schools welcome graduate students from all over the world. Our graduate programmes provide students with both an in-depth academic background in the social sciences and hands-on experience of the professional field they aim to work in.

A few words from Pierre François, Dean of The School of Research

Pierre François, doyen de l'École de la recherche ©Maïna Marjany/Magazine ÉmileAt the heart of knowledge creation and dissemination, The School of Research, one of Sciences Po’s seven graduate schools, brings together all Sciences Po’s research degrees under one roof. We offer Master’s and PhD programmes that equip students with the concepts, analytical techniques, and methods of social science research.Underpinned by a faculty of 200 academics with highly international backgrounds, our programmes are structured around Sciences Po’s five main disciplines: law, economics, history, political science, and sociology. Sciences Po currently ranks second among universities worldwide for political science and international relations, 28th worldwide for sociology, and among the top 50 for law, economics and history (2020 QS World Ranking).

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Diplôme conférant grade de master controlé par l'étatThe School of Research Master's Programme

The School of Research Master’s programme is structured around four central academic disciplines that form the core of Sciences Po's intellectual scope: economics, history, political science and sociology.

Master's in Economics

Taught entirely in English, this programme is intended for students who wish to acquire quantitative, technical and practical skills in economics. It paves the way for students to continue with doctoral studies, either at Sciences Po or at another of the world's leading universities.

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Master's in History

This programme consists of mandatory and optional courses and workshops, including political history, international and transnational history, gender history, the history of institutions, digital history, democracy, and more. It also provides individual tutoring and additional language courses.

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Master’s in Political Science

The programme is aimed at students interested in pursuing careers as experts in international public or private organisations, diplomacy, or looking to sit general competitive entrance exams to enter the international or European civil service. Students have a choice of five streams: Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Behaviour, Political Theory, Public Policy and a Political Science general track in English.

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Master en sociologie

Ce programme, dispensé en français et en anglais, forme des sociologues qui se destinent aux carrières universitaires, d’étude, d’évaluation, de conduite du changement dans les grandes organisations publiques, privées, le secteur associatif et les ONG, dans les cabinets de conseil, les collectivités locales.

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The master's dual degree programmes

Sciences Po - Pantheon-Sorbonne University

Dual degree in Economics and Quantitative Economics. This programme combines teaching in economics and applied mathematics with courses in economics applied to the social sciences (public policy, micro and macroeconomics, environmental and educational policy, etc.).

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Sciences Po – École du Louvre

This programme fuses the complementary expertise of two prestigious French institutions: Sciences Po trains students in the humanities and social sciences, while the École du Louvre provides skills and practices in art history and museology.

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Sciences Po - King’s College London

Joint Graduate Programme in Global & International History. King's College London and Sciences Po have expanded their historic partnership by initiating a joint Graduate Programme in Global and International History. Spanning a wide range of topics, this selective programme will train students to acquire a solid background in Global and International History, comprising theory, methodology, historiography and inquiry and research processes at both universities.

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Bibliothèque de recherche - 1 Saint-Thomas | © Caroline Maufroid, Sciences Po

The School of Research Phds

The Sciences Po School of Research offers five PhD programmes in law, economics, history, political science and sociology. Our students benefit from the expertise of internationally renowned thesis supervisors and can receive personalised supervision at each of Sciences Po's research centres.

Doctorate in Law

The Doctorate in Law is aimed at students wishing to make a significant theoretical contribution to the understanding of legal phenomena in a given field of law. As legal theorists, students are encouraged to explore multidisciplinary approaches and diverse legal cultures.

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Doctorate in Economics

Based in Sciences Po’s Department of Economics, the Doctorate in Economics is one of the finest European PhD programmes in this field, as evidenced by the appointment of our graduates to posts at some of the highest-ranking universities worldwide (UCLA, ENS Paris, HEC Paris, Carlos III).

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Doctorate in histoiry

The Doctorate in History provides excellent theoretical and methodological training, with specialised courses covering more specific fields and subjects. These include various historical specialisms, cutting-edge research topics and research methods (statistics, images, oral history, archives).

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Doctorate in Political Science

The Doctorate in Political Science develops students’ research skills and their ability to engage in in-depth critical analysis. It is divided into three streams: Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory.

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Doctorate in Sociology

The Doctorate in Sociology covers a variety of fields, including among others: the sociology of organisations, analysis of social change, economic sociology, analysis of social inequalities and discrimination, urban sociology, sociology of education, sociology of culture.

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International doctorates dual degrees

The School of Research offers three international dual degrees in collaboration with its prestigious partner institutions:

Doctoral fellowships and international mobility programmes are also offered with partner institutions internationally.

Where do our alumni work?

As a centre of teaching through and for research, the School of Research also provides extensive opportunities for its students to develop concrete practical skills. It promotes its graduates to recruiters of various professions across the public and the private sector.

Career opportunities by sector

Master’s programme of the School of Research

  • 45 % PhD study
  • 40 % International or European organisations - Media, Communication, Journalism, Publishing - NGOs - Think tanks - Secondary education
  • 15 % Preparation for international and European civil service recruitment exams - Diplomatic careers

PhD programme at the School of Research

  • 65 % Secondary education - Higher education and research
  • 17 % Public administration - International organisations - Think tanks - Consulting - Business
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