The Globalisation of Inclusion and Exclusion

Séminaire PILAGG

Hans Lindahl et Jacco Bomhoff

A PILAGG seminar with Professors Hans Lindahl and Jacco Bomhoff, with discussant, Professor Helena Alviar García.

Hans Lindahl
Professor of Law at Tilburg University

Protracted and bitter resistance by alter- and anti-globalization movements shows that the globalization of law transpires as the globalization of inclusion and exclusion. Humanity is inside and outside global law in all its possible manifestations. How is this possible? How must legal orders be structured, such that, even if we can now speak of law beyond state borders, no emergent global legal order is possible that does not include without excluding? Is an authoritative politics of boundaries possible that neither postulates the possibility of realizing an all-inclusive global legal order nor accepts resignation or political paralysis in the face of the globalization of inclusion and exclusion?

Jacco Bomhoff
Professor of Law at the London School of Economics

Mobility, in its many different forms – its restriction and its excesses, for individuals and for corporations – lies at the heart of many pressing challenges for contemporary constitutionalism. The legal treatment of mobility, however, is fragmented across many different specialized fields – from immigration law, to tax law, to international arbitration – to which constitutionalist concerns are rarely central. This talk aims to address this lacuna by sketching the contours of an ‘outward-facing constitutionalism’ which could provide the conceptual and normative means to scrutinize the constitutional implications of the regulation of ‘access’ and ‘exit’ for both individuals and corporate actors.

IMPORTANT: Due to security measures, access to Sciences Po buildings is restricted. If you intend to attend the seminar, please send an email to indicating your full name. Security officers will be provided with the list of participants. Do not forget to bring a VALID ID.

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Vendredi, 15 Novembre, 2019 - 12:30 - 14:30
Sciences Po Law School, 13 rue de l’université, 75007 Paris, Room 410T
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