We are competition coffee session

Séminaire des doctorants en droit

We are competition coffee session for a coffee & holiday cake session on our upcoming plans and a discussion on extra-competition factors in the competition law analysis.

What are extra-competition factors?

Typically thought to fall outside of competition law’s realm, privacy, sustainability and employment issues increasingly come up in the competition law analysis especially in the aftermath of the Facebook/WhatsApp merger. This, in turn, might require a recalibration or a redefinition of the goals of antitrust, going above and beyond the consumer welfare standard. With the Hipster Antitrust movement gaining wide-spread attention around the globe, it is our pleasure to fire up this debate at Sciences Po, to be followed by events next semester on privacy, sustainability and the goals of antitrust. Stay tuned!

We Are Competition is an initiative to create a competition law & antitrust community at Sciences Po. It is open to all members of Sciences Po, including our alumni and exchange students, regardless of department, degree, or position.

Please register : Ayse YASAR 

Event details
Vendredi, 14 Décembre, 2018 - 10:00 - 12:00
Sciences Po Law School - Salle 410T (4th Floor Meeting Room) - 13, rue de l’Université - Paris 7ème
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