News from the 2022/23 International Job Market: Congratulations !

News from the 2022/23 International Job Market: Congratulations !

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Congratulations Victor AUGIAS, Daniel M.-A. BARETTO, and Edgard DEWITTE !

Our job market candidates have done it again! On a job market that is more and more competitive and demanding, we are proud to announce that our three candidates this year have all secured positions in great universities.

Our PhD programme trains top economists who seek to pursue university and academic careers in France or abroad, as well as careers requiring high-level doctoral training: in international organisations, think tanks, research institutions, government agencies, banks, and insurance companies.


Victor Augias

Victor Augias is a microeconomist employing tools from information and mechanism design to address applied economic questions.
His job market paper studies how to optimally design mechanisms for allocating scarce resources when monetary transfers cannot be used and agents can undertake productive investments.

Victor will be joining the Institute for Microeconomics at the University of Bonn as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Microeconomic Theory.

To learn more about Victor AUGIAS and his research, consult his website


Daniel M.-A. BERRETO

Daniel M.-A. Barreto

Daniel M.-A. Barreto is a microeconomic theorist studying different aspects of the "life-cycle" of information: how information is produced, diffused, and consumed by economic agents, and how each of these steps relates to the broader economic and social structures within which they are embedded. His job-market paper studies the distributive effects of price discrimination, and how it should be performed with the objective of benefitting poorer consumers.

Daniel will be joining the University of Amsterdam as an Assistant Professor of Microeconomics.

To learn more about Daniel M. A. BARRETO and his research, consult his website


Edgard Dewitte

Edgard Dewitte works on topics at the crossroad of political economy and economic history.
In his job market paper, he shows how local economic identities, rooted in long histories of fossil fuel extraction, shape beliefs about the reality of human-made climate change.

Edgard will be joining Nuffield College at Oxford as the Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Economics.

To learn more about Edgard DEWITTE and his research, consult his website

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