2023 AFSE Annual Congress - June 14-16

2023 AFSE Annual Congress - June 14-16

Call for papers: submit online now!
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The Department is very pleased to announce that it will be organising the Association Française de Science Économique - French Economic Association’s 71st Annual Congress from June 14th to 16th, 2023.

The French Economic Association (AFSE) is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1950. It aims at promoting exchange of knowledge and participation of its members in public debates on economic policies. It is open to all economists, whether they work in universities, public research organizations, Government bodies or private companies.

Every year, the AFSE holds a congress that brings together its members from across France as well as international keynote speakers and special sessions with economists from abroad, with the goal of discussing and disseminating the latest research in economics.

The 2023 edition will take place at Sciences Po Paris.

The AFSE is presently calling for online submissions for its 2023 Annual Congress:

  • Submissions of full papers are invited from academic, government and business economists in any field of economics.
  • Papers borrowing methodologies from other sciences are very welcome too.
  • Presentations will take place exclusively in English.

AFSE membership will also be required to be a speaker once your paper is accepted. Details on how to become a member of the AFSE or to update your membership status can be found here.


Papers should be submitted online on the 2023 AFSE Annual Congress website.

Accepted submissions will be notified on April 15th.

Download and print the call for papers (PDF 118.88 KB)
Read the detailed submission procedure online 

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