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The Department welcomes six Visiting Faculty members this Fall: Marianne ANDRIES, Cécile GAUBERT (UC Berkeley), Marion GOUSSÉ (Laval), Roland RATHELOT (Warwick), David SRAER (Berkeley Haas) and Gianluca VIOLANTE (Princeton).

Marianne Andries

Marianne ANDRIES joins us from the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) where she was an Assistant Professor of Finance since 2012.

Prior to joining the TSE, Marianne Andries worked for several years as an investment banker before undertaking her doctoral studies in 2006 at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She was awarded the Chicago Booth Doctoral Fellowship (2006-2009) as well as the Eugene F. Fama Ph.D. Fellowship (2009-2010).

Her research focuses on Asset Pricing and Behavioural Finance.

She holds a PhD in Finance from Chicago Booth and an MA in Engineering, Mathematics and Physics from the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris.

To learn more about Marianne ANDRIES, consult her website

Marianne ANDRIES will be visiting with us for the next two academic years (2020-2022).

Cécile Gaubert

Cécile GAUBERT is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley). She is also Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (ITI) and a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). She is a Member of the Board of the Urban Economics Association and Associate Editor of the Journal of International Economics.

In a very short period Cécile GAUBERT’s research has garnered international attention: just this past year she was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2020-2025), a Sloan Research Fellowship (2020-2022) and the August Lösch Prize for outstanding academic research in Regional Science (2020).

Her fields of specialization are International Trade and Economic Geography (primary) as well as Industrial Organisation and Applied Econometrics (secondary). She is particularly interested in the spatial distribution of economic activity, firms and cities and firms and trade.

Cécile GAUBERT holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton. She initially began her career as an engineer in telecommunications (ARCEP, SFR-Vodaphone) subsequent to her BSc in Applied Mathematics and Economics from the École Polytechnique and her MSc in Applied Mathematics and Economics from the Corps des Télécoms.

To learn more about Cécile GAUBERT, consult her website

Cécile GAUBERT will be visiting with us for the full academic year 2020-2021.

Marion Goussé

Marion GOUSSÉ is Associate Professor at the University of Laval (Québec).

Her research fields are:

  • Micro-econometrics 
  • Labour Economics 
  • Family Economics 
  • She holds a PhD in Economics from Sciences Po. During her doctoral studies -for which she was granted a three-year scholarship - she was selected to our prestigious Alliance Doctoral Mobility Programme and studied at Columbia for a year. 

Since graduating in 2014 she has undertaken an auspicious academic career – in just five years she has been awarded as many research grants from both the Canadian and Québec research councils. Her latest research project as Principal Investigator, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada, is entitled Mismatch between workers' skills and labor market needs and was awarded a grant this past year. In parallel she is participating in another SSHRC project on the Evaluation and development of policies to promote integration and job retention of people with disabillities (PI : Charles Bellemare).

To learn more about Marion GOUSSÉ, consult her website

Marion GOUSSÉ will be visiting with us for the Fall semester.

Roland Rathelot

Roland RATHELOT is Associate Professor of Economics at Warwick University. He is the Coordinator of the Econometrics and Labour Research Group and member of the Departmental Welfare, Equality, Diversity and Gender Group at Warwick.

He is also an Affiliated Professor at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), an External Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM), and a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), and at CREST. Among his editorial activities he is notably the Associate Editor of Regional Science and Urban Economics and a Panel Member for Economic Policy.

In parallel, Roland RATHELOT holds two important advisory positions: he is Vice President of the Scientific Committee of the Skill Improvement Plan (Plan d'Investissement dans les Compétences) for the French government, and an Academic Member of the Cross-Government Trial Advice Panel at the Cabinet Office.

His research interests are Labour Economics and Econometrics. His current research deals with the job-search process and discrimination against ethnic minorities.

He holds a PhD in Economics from the Paris School of Economics.

To learn more about Roland RATHELOT, consult his website

Roland RATHELOT will be visiting with us for the full academic year 2020-2021.

David Sraer

David SRAER is an Associate Professor of Economics and the James J. and Marianne B. Lowry Chair in Business at the Haas School of Business and at the Department of Economics of the University of California at Berkeley. He is also a Research Associate at the NBER and a Research Affiliate at the CEPR. He currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Finance.

His research fields include:

  • Corporate Finance 
  • Behavioural Finance 
  • Macro-Finance 
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. 

He holds a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. Prior to joining UC Berkeley he was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Princeton University, where he was awarded the Jacob Viner Preceptorship.

To learn more about David SRAER, consult his website

David SRAER will be visiting with us for the full academic year 2020-2021.

Gianluca Violante

Gianluca VIOLANTE is Professor of Economics at Princeton University. He is affiliated to NBER as a Research Associate and to CEPR as a Research Fellow. He is also an International Research Fellow at the Institute of Fiscal Studies, an External Research Member at CEBI, a Regular Research Visitor at the ECB and Carnegie-Rochester-NYU CSPP Advisory Board Member. His editorial activities include Econometrica as Co-Editor. He is Co-Leader of the NBER EFG Group Micro Data, Macro Models.

His main research interests are:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Labour Economics
  • Public Finance

He has published his research in the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, and Review of Economic Studies. He has also published in several top-field journals.

His work has garnered a number of honors and awards. He was named Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor at McMaster University this past winter and was awarded the 2019 Economics in Central Banking Award for his AER article 'Monetary Policy According to HANK' (joint with Kaplan and Moll). In 2016 he became a Fellow of the Econometric Society.

More about Gianluca VIOLANTE and his research

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