200311 - What is the future of exurbs in large metropolitan areas ? A debate around Paris, London and New York

11 March, 2020 - 17:00 - 19:00






Seminar Grand Paris, Greater London and New York City "What is the future of exurbs in large metropolitan areas ? A debate around Paris, London and New York"? , (PDF, 86 Ko)
co-organized by Sciences Po (CEE, Urban School) and la Société du Grand Paris

Wednesday 11 March 2020, 5-7 pm, Sciences Po, Amphithéâtre Erignac, 13 Rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

Can suburbanization processes and "exurbs" in Paris, London and New York really be compared and why ? What are the main economic, sociological as well as environmental issues they are facing today ? To what extent are these territories, as often described, the heart of today's political discontent and populist votes (Trump, Brexit, "gilets jaunes"...)? To what extent are they jeopardized by metropolization processes being witnessed worldwide and specifically in such metropolitan areas? Robert E. Lang and Eric Charmes will confront their views on "exurbs" territories and populations in a comparative perspective applied to Paris, London and New York


Éric Charmes is a Professor in Social Sciences applied to Urban Studies and Chairs the laboratory Recherches interdisciplinaires ville, espace, société (RIVES ; École nationale des travaux publics d’État (ENTPE), University of Lyon). His research mostly focus on the relationship of citizens to their immediate environment and the dynamics of residential territorialization. He is currently the main specialist of "exurbs" territories and populations in France.

Robert Lang is a Professor of Public Policy in the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs and serves as the Executive Director of both The Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has authored over 220 academic and professional publications and has coined several new urban planning terminologies such as the “Sun Corridor,” "Boomburbs," and "Edgeless Cities." His book, Megapolitan America, details the rise of large-scale “Megapolitan Areas” across the U.S

Collective Discussion

Contact : edouard.dequeker@sciencespo.fr

Compulsory registration - For the external people to Sciences Po: You will have to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning of the seminar and to provide you with your identity papers)

To know more: Grand Paris, Grand Londres, New York City
Pour en savoir plus : Grand Paris, Grand Londres et New York City

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